Easy Hair Styles for Every Woman within Few Minutes

Well, we all have seen the busy days in our lives, and maybe those days are approaching for a few of us. Well, being busy means you need to cut out some self-maintenance time and prioritizes other things. Ladies, we get you there, we know you have been busy with stuff and you feel is hard to compete with the everyday chores and live the “me-time” a little whenever you can have it. Well, we are sure that the relaxing me-time could have stretched a little if you haven’t had to manage your long hair. So today we will be presenting to you the quick and ways to do your hair, and sort of managing them in a way they will not get in your way. So let’s begin.

Front Topknot

Take the front section of the hair. Now, you have been keeping side flip then you might need to straighten those hairs. You need to comb them like five to six times for them to settle in the center. Now, use the comb to detangle the strand so that it could lay flat over the head. Now, grab a hair tie that is matching to your hair color. Tie the hair in it but when you are making the last tie; make a small loop out, you will be left with a tail beneath the loop. Now, wrap the tail over the loop and stick it to the hair with the help of the bobby pin. Lastly, we have a plain front, to make the hair look fluffy, grab the knot that you have made, and pull the front hair in an outward direction. This will lift your hair from the front without disturbing the knot.

Tiny Bun

Take the front section of your hair just till the temples, and twist the strand. Now, while you are twisting the strand, make sure you have kept the front hair loose so that they don’t lay flat. They need to look like you have created a pouf. Now, twist your hair and wrap it around so that it looks like a tiny bun on top of your head. Instead, of using a bobby pin to secure the bun, you can use a tie band. This will make the bun pop up a little and the hair will also not fall out, which might happen if you use a bobby pin. Again you can use the trick of drawing some hair from the front. Make sure you have held on the bun before you start pulling the hair.

Full Top Knot

To get this look you need to brush up your hair and bring them up higher than a ponytail will fall. Now, it should lie on top of your head like over the top crown. After this, you need to wrap those hairs in a bun. Once, you have created the bun use a hair tie to secure it, or you can use a bobby pin. Now, if your hair is short or thin you will feel like adding volume to it. Before you touch the bun if you feel your front hair needs some lift then move your fingers in the font and hold on to the bun from the other hand. Move your fingers outwards away from the face. If you want to add volume to the bun then you can pull the hair little by little from the bun in opposite directions.


Grab the front temple section of your hair till the top crown. Brush it and start making a braid from crown. Tie it after you have braided more than half of the strand. When you make a braid your front section is lifted naturally. If your hair is not washed for three or four days then the hair may not lift. You can add the artificial lift just as you have been doing in the rest of the looks. The lift will give you a pouf type look from the front and you can have the half tie look with the braid.