Easy Ways To Fix Bad Hair Day

Hair is the crown we never take off! And no matter how much care we put in there are a few days when our hair just not respond well and that’s what you call bad hair days. Clearly we can’t wash our hair every alternate and stick to only two washes a week and that’s what your hair needs but still due to seasonal changes, pollution, and dirt there are a few days our hair just performs awfully.
Nothing is worse than surviving a bad hair day. Hair can make you feel instantly attractive and bad hair can make you feel somewhat missing even if you’ve put in the most stylish foot of yours. Your crowning glory behaving awfully can ruin even your best times and outfits therefore you need to fix your bad hair days. But the question is how? Right? You have referred to thousand of blogs but are still clueless on how to actually fix your bad hair days. Well, then you have clicked on the right feed we have scooped out a few easy fixes you can give your hair to restore the bounce and these fixes will not take much of your time. So, keep scrolling!

Braids and Braids

A braid is a great fix when you’re looking on how to ditch a bad hair day. Not only braids work as a great fix but also look very chic and sleek. Well nowadays braids can be formed in different styles and each one looks alluring and will not make you look like a slob. So, if you’re looking for an instant solution for your bad hair days, braid is your thing. From French, Dutch, rope style, to lace braid there are a plethora of braid styles you can choose from. So, whenever you want an instant hair upliftment just braid it and you’re good to go.

Dry Shampoo

Another quick fix to use is dry shampoo. Bad hair day simply means oily scalp and weighing down of hair and for that purpose, dry shampoo works as a great solution. Dry shampoo absorbs all the excess oil from the scalp making your hair look as if you have given a nice wash. And that’s not all dry shampoo also adds volume to your hair without causing any damage. This water-free option of cleaning your hair is all in trend these days and if don’t own one, that definitely owes to an investment.

Tease Your Roots

Teasing or backcombing your hair is a great way to add instant volume and lift to your hair. And, if you woke up to bad hair nothing is better than grabbing your tail combs and tease your roots. When it comes to teasing the roots there are many myths associated and the biggest one to be it weakens your hair. But, that’s not true if you’re doing it properly you cannot damage your hair in any way. When teasing your hair just grab a section of your hair from the crown area and tease that out.

Embrace the Waves

Beach waves look fascinating on frizzy and oily hair. Alluring beach waves add volume and fix the bad hair day very gracefully. So, if you have a bad hair day and have much of time grab your curling tongs and just create beach waves. Soft beach waves on oily limp hair are just a perfect way to revive your dead hair.

So, those were simple and instant fixes you can do to pull that bad hair day. So, next time you have to survive a bad hair day make sure to try these out and your problem would be solved.