Effective Tips To Fix Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair requires a proper hair care routine. It can be putting little effort when it comes to managing the frizzy hair strands but all that extra effort feel worth when you see your hair shining and bouncing.
The biggest reason for dry and frizzy hair is the lack of moisture that can lock in the strands. And, if you want to get rid of frizzy hair, your hair care regime should be filled with hydration and moisture. If you’re figuring out the ideal hair care to fight frizz we have broken down it into 5 simple steps.
Incorporate these tips and you get frizz-free hair.

Choosing The Correct Shampoo And Conditioner


If you have frizzy hair you should choose the correct shampoo and conditioner that is meant for your hair type. SLS infused hair cleansers can strip off the natural oil from your tresses thus augmenting the frizziness of your hair. So, stay away from the shampoos and conditioners that have SLS or Parabens.
Rather look for shampoos and conditioners that are infused with hydrating and nourishing ingredients. Ingredients such as avocado, argon, and morocco help in fighting frizzy hair and make your hair strands shiny, healthy, and manageable.

Use Hair Essence

Hair essence is a widely used Korean haircare product and does wonders for the dry and frizzy hair. Hair essence adds shine, hydrates the dry and damaged hair strands, and maintains the quality and texture of your hair.
You should incorporate a hair essence in your hair care regime as it a staple haircare product for frizz-prone locks.
• Once your hair is about 80% dry take a few drops on your palm and rub the product on your palms just to heat the product. Rub the palms to the hair ends avoiding the scalp.
You will instantly see the results.

Use A DIY Hair Mask

Hair masking can help in keeping your hair manageable and strong. So, once a week you should apply a hair mask on your hair. If you want you can use any hair mask you have and if you prefer to use a DIY hair mask made out of all-natural ingredients we have got for you a recipe for the perfect and shiny hair.
• Take half tablespoon of raw honey and add one mashed banana into it.
• Add a few drops of olive oil and mix well.
• Apply to your hair and keep it for about 30 minutes.
• Rinse your hair with a mild cleanser and cold water.
Follow the steps every once a week.

Use Anti-frizz Oil

The biggest hair care mistake we all do is using any random hair oil on our hair. Not all the hair oils will suit your scalp and hair type. So, you should use the hair oil that is strictly meant to control the frizz. Some of the anti-frizz hair oils are mentioned below-
• Grape Seed Oil
• Sweet Almond Oil
• Castor Oil
• Coconut Oil
• And, Avocado Oil
Every once a week make sure you’re giving your scalp a hot anti-frizz hair oil massage.

Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

Always wash your hair with cold water. Cold water helps to lock the moisture in your hair and thus keeping your tresses free from frizz. Cold water closes the cuticles of your hair strands thus sealing the moisture. And, if your hair strands have the moisture content we don’ think they will behave awfully.
Not only cold water helps in controlling frizz but it also cleanses your hair thoroughly removing all the dirt, grime, and oil out of your scalp.