Effective Tips To Manage Oily Skin

Oily skin if not managed properly can pose some real challenge for your skin goals. A tenfold oil production that can be literally used to fry fries, we know the struggle! Since summer season upon us oily skin would have a huge toll. Though it might seem oily skin to be a bane but there are quite a few hidden perks to have been blessed with oily skin and the most prominent one- oily skin shows a slow aging process, voila! That sounds some relief.
So, if you’re wondering how to manage the oily skin this season, we have fetched some really useful and practical tips for you that will help you put together a regime that will tackle the oil production.

Opt For a Salicylic Acid Cleanser

As warmer season upon us, it’s time to swap our hydrating cleansers and opt for something that treats the concern of the season i.e. skin oiliness. Incorporate cleansers infused with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is known to do wonders to the oily skin and the biggest help it does is to control the sebum production which could be a breeding ground for a fair share of skin issues.
The salicylic acid cleanser will help remove the excess sebum production and sebum build-up to a great extent. Remember we are talking about managing not eliminating so do expect a slight build-up loves.

Add Niacinamide

Another great help would be to add oil balancing ingredients to your skincare regime. Niacinamide is known to be a great oil-balancing item and all worthy to be placed in your skincare regime. Not only Niacinamide has oil-controlling properties but its antibacterial properties are a great add-on.
Pro-Tip: if you’re using Niacinamide exclude vitamin c from your slot as both if used together can reduce the efficacy of each other.

Weekly Clay Mask

To weekly pamper your skin, use clay masks on your excessive oily skin. Clay masks are infused with oil-absorbing ingredients that help to mattify the skin. But, try not to use clay masks more than once a week as clay masks can dry out your skin if used excessively. And the dried skin will lead to more oil production thus the whole quest of using a clay mask would be void.
Also, if you struggle with open pores the clay masks will be a great aid to tighten those. You can look for tea tree or green tea in your mask as the star ingredient.

Look For AHA/BHA Chemical Exfoliation

If you haven’t tried your hands on chemical exfoliation you’re really missing on something magical. Chemical exfoliation infused with AHA and BHA is known to target your skin both from the topmost layer and beneath. The BHAs can go into deep layers of your skin targeting the concerns at a border scale so you’ll notice a huge drop in the skin’s oil secretion and AHAs will work on the upper layer of the skin controlling the oil.
Caution: Do not use chemical exfoliation more than once a week.

Avoid Layering Of Too Many Products

One of the greatest things to do this summer is not to use too much stuff on your skin. Even if it’s your skincare thing, layering too many products will not do any world of good to your skin especially if you’re managing the oil production. Stick to lightweight moisturizer and avoid heavy makeup as too much layering can pour out extreme oil secretion.
Pro-Tip: use lightweight products so that even if you opt for layering the stuff you won’t feel you have applied anything and so does your skin.