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Essential makeup hygiene tips every girl should follow

It’s a good thing to follow certain basic hygiene habits such as showering after the gym, keeping hands clean and washing them often, cleansing your face twice a day, and much more. Adopting good habits always works favorably for you, and maintaining hygiene isn’t just restricted to your daily routine, but it can also be extended to other aspects of your life such as your beauty routine, particularly your makeup. Now you must be wondering how can makeup be associated with hygiene?

If you look closely at your makeup routine, you will notice that there are a couple of things you do that involves hygiene such as using dirty makeup brushes, applying makeup without washing your hands, etc. These makeup hygiene mistakes can easily result in issues like rashes, breakouts, irritation, and whatnot, therefore, you should always exercise caution when it comes to your makeup.

If you don’t want your makeup to become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, then make sure to follow these important makeup hygiene tips.


Wash your hands properly before applying makeup

One of the most important things to do before applying makeup is to wash your hands properly. If you have a habit of applying makeup products using your fingers, then it’s important to ensure that your hands are thoroughly cleaned. Considering your hands come in contact with so many elements throughout the day, touching your face with the same hands without cleaning them thoroughly can end up transferring all the germs and dirt to your skin, which can invite issues like clogged pores and acne.


Store the products in a clean and dry place

While a bathroom shelf may seem like the best place to store your beauty products in, it is not the right thing to do considering the moisture in the bathroom can invite germs and might also decrease the shelf life of the products. You should store all your beauty products in a dry and clean place to keep them safe.


Disinfect the tools and products regularly

It’s extremely important to disinfect your makeup tools and some of your makeup products on a regular basis to reduce the chances of acne breakouts or any other skin problem. You should wash your makeup brushes and sponges regularly, and it’s easy to wash them. You can use soapy water or micellar water to clean them. As far as your makeup products are concerned such as lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and eyeliners, you can wipe off their tips and surfaces using disinfectant wipes. Apart from that, you can also disinfect your other beauty tools like tweezers and eyelash curlers.


Don’t share your products

While having a habit of sharing your things is really commendable, it’s better to not share your makeup products with others. You should avoid sharing your makeup products with others, even if it’s your sister, bestie, or mother. Every girl should follow this basic hygiene tip. Sharing makeup products could end up inviting skin issues that you never had before, therefore, if you want to keep things easy for you, it’s better to keep your makeup products to yourself only.


Avoid double-dipping

Making tiny tweaks to your makeup routine like dipping the applicator into the product only once and not twice will automatically reduce the chances of transferring of dirt and bacteria from your skin to the product. For instance, if you are using mascara, eyeliner, or even liquid lipstick, you should try to take a sufficient amount of product on the applicator at one go so that you don’t have to dip it again. These small things can make a big difference, so don’t take them lightly.