Everyday dress trends that will define spring 2021

Although we love the cozy feel of winter, we cannot wait for spring to arrive for multiple reasons, with spring fashion being one of the primary reasons. This year, the runways were flooded with an array of comfortable fashion trends, and no, we aren’t talking about sweatpants, although they will remain a part of our wardrobe along with leggings and tube socks. Comfort is often associated with pieces like leggings, sweatpants, tees, etc., but there are a couple of other pieces as well that can be equal parts comfortable and chic, any guesses what we are talking about here? To all those who guessed it dresses, you certainly know your way around fashion.

S/S 21 runways introduced us to a plethora of dress trends that not look and feel comfy but on-trend and fashion-forward as well. If you are into dresses and want to include some fresh styles into your wardrobe this spring, then make sure to read through the article below. Ahead, we have listed some everyday dress trends that will define spring 2021.

Long-sleeve maxi dress

Something as basic and simple as a maxi dress can also look equal parts chic and sophisticated, and if you are a fan of such pieces, then you will be delighted to know that long-sleeve maxi dresses will be everywhere this spring. Long-sleeve maxi dresses will breathe fresh air into your spring wardrobe. Additionally, they look quite sophisticated and elegant and not to mention their versatility. You can wear these dresses year-round, a pair of sandals will do for spring, and a pair of boots and coat will do for fall.

Ribbed dresses

There were many different takes on comfortable fashion this year, and one of the trends that stood out is ribbed dresses. They look equal parts comfy and cozy; you can feel more dressed up in such pieces. Comfortable pieces don’t have to be entirely simple or functional, they can also look more fashion-forward, and ribbed dresses are the perfect examples. When in doubt, just wear one of your ribbed dresses, you can either dress it up or dress it down based on where you are heading.

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses have been around for a while now, but they are finally getting the acknowledgment they deserve this year. Shirt dresses are pretty classic; they are making a comeback this year in a much cooler and fashion-forward way. There are different takes on shirt dresses, pieces featuring interesting detailing like cutouts and twisted waistlines are busy grabbing the attention right now, and they look quite modern. Therefore, if you want to incorporate some comfy yet chic dresses in your wardrobe, shirt dresses will make a great addition.

Jersey dresses

Apart from maxi dresses, a jersey dress is also an excellent option to consider when it comes to basics. Dresses in a slinky jersey material are expected to be huge this spring. Despite being basic in nature, jersey dresses manage to make you look more elevated and chic. This casual yet fashion-forward piece can recreate some really fabulous looks. You can spot these jersey dresses in a myriad of iterations, opt for the one that speaks to you.

High-slit dresses

The high-slit detailing can instantly make the dresses look sexier and more captivating. If you like having that skin-baring element in your dresses, then you should definitely consider including slit-dresses in your wardrobe. Linen and jersey dresses look pretty casual, but the high-slit detailing adds that wow factor to the outfit and makes it appear more fashion-forward. Casual dresses with high-slit detailing will make the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.