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Everything you need to know about blind pimples

Acne is one of those skin woes that almost every person deals with at some point in their life, no matter the skin type. Nobody likes to deal with acne or even want it to surface on the skin in the first place, however, certain factors like skincare regimen, environmental aggressors, diet, and lifestyle choices can lead to acne breakouts. While acne can be of different types, today, we are going to discuss pimples, blind pimples in particular. People who are dealing with pimples usually have their beauty shelves filled with skincare products that specifically target pimples such as drying acids, spot treatments, and scrubs.
Not every breakout is the same, breakouts differ from each other in so many aspects, and today’s topic of discussion is blind pimples. Blind pimples are nothing but painful and sneaky pimple that thrives beneath the surface of your skin and never comes to a head. Dealing with blind pimples can be really tricky, and this issue is something that most people deal with every once in a while. In order to deal with blind pimples effectively, it’s imperative to learn the basics about it. Listed below are all the things you need to know about blind pimples.

Root causes of blind pimples

Before you start looking for ways to deal with blind pimples, make sure to determine the cause of this problem. Blind pimples can surface on your skin for a variety of reasons, but the increase of acne-causing hormones in the body can trigger them the most. Most of the time, these blind pimples usually surface when you are on your periods, and we already gave an explanation for this. Additionally, your skin’s sebaceous glands are hypersensitive during this time of the month, and that leads to excess sebum production, which in turn, causes blind pimples. Stress is also one of the root causes of blind pimples; therefore, make sure to take this factor into consideration when seeking treatment.

Should you pick a blind pimple?


Picking or popping your blind pimple can leave it irritated, and this will only make things worse. You should leave the blind pimple as it is, and if it’s bothering you so much, then you should visit a dermatologist or aesthetician to treat it. Trying to pop or squeeze the blind pimple in order to make it grow a head will only lead to a skin reaction, therefore, it’s best to leave that pimple alone and not do anything you are not sure about.

How long can these blind pimples last?


Unlike other forms of acne, blind pimples don’t fade away within a few days or a week; they can last for weeks if not months. Since the infection is settled deep inside the pores, blind pimples take a while to go away on their own. While most blind pimples can go away on their own, there are some nasty ones that on being left untreated can lead to an atrophic scar.

Ways to deal with blind pimples

-One of the fastest ways to get rid of a blind pimple is by getting it zapped with a cortisone injection by an expert.
– If you get these blind pimples quite often, then you should definitely visit a dermatologist to get prescription medications. The prescribed medications will not only help to regulate excess oil production, but they will also help to prevent bacterial build-up on the skin.
-Including certain ingredients in your skincare routine can also help you with blind pimples. This is a long-term solution that will help to avoid blind pimples from occurring. Benzoyl peroxide and retinoids are some of the best ingredients to include in your skincare routine.