Everything you need to know before coloring your hair

If you are planning to color your hair the first time, here are some things that you need to know. It is not just about choosing the right color tone but also the technique and measures that are needed to be taken care of. We have enlisted everything that you need to know about before coloring your hair and tips to choose the right shade as well.

Choose a color that complements the skin tone

The best way to pick the right tone of color for your hair is by paying attention to your skin tone. This skin tone plays a huge role in deciding the kind of color that you want for your hair. Any kind of clothing or jewelry that you pick is also impactful if you choose it according to your skin. Then this hair color is going to be with you for a really long time. It is imperative to pay attention to all the factors and then decide. The easiest way to do so is by taking a look at your wardrobe and see what kind of colors you pick the most. This will play a huge point of reference in choosing the right color for your hair. If you think you look great in bright tones then pick red, blue, orange, blonde for your hair. And if you love how you look in gold, chances are that you have a warm skin tone that looks fabulous in chocolate brown shades. If sliver is your thing then blonde is your pick.

Moisturize your hair strands

Everything needs moisture and hydration. Whether it is your skin, hair or body, you need to have a properly hydrated area. So, if you have decided to color your hair then it is imperative to hydrate them too. Appropriately moisturized hair is the best canvas for your hair color and that is why they will show a fancy and stylish look once they are colored. For a smooth and silky hair texture even after coloring, a hydrating mask or conditioner is imperative. This one acts as a primer for your hair so that your hair is protected from any harmful chemicals. Simply consult your hairstylist and pick yourself a primer that will plump your hair’s cuticle. This will not only protect the roots and the scalp but will provide a healthy feeling to your hair. Continue using this hair mask even after you have colored your hair.

Do not shampoo before coloring your hair

No one will tell you but this is very important for a silky smooth and shiny texture of the hair. There are a lot of ways to protect your hair and give them the necessary nutrients after the hair color has been done. But this is something you need to do before coloring your hair. The scalp is as sensitive as the skin and therefore, you cannot just use things on it for the sake of it. It is advised to skip the use of shampoo for at least 24 to 48 hours before coloring your hair. The reason why we shampoo our hair is to get rid of the unnecessary oils that take a toll on our hair. But these oils are needed when you are going for a first time color on your hair. They will protect your hair strands and keep them in a healthy state even after the color. So, skip this shampoo and let your hair breathe in peace.

Subtle shades last longer

Yes, you might think that if you get a darker shade done on your hair, then that will attract the most attention and will last longer. But this is just partially true. Although a darker shade will grab attention from a distance, it is not likely to stay for a long period. Such shades are stunners but they do fade away quickly. But subtle and neutral shades have a mediocre appearance and complement your skin tone. They also grab attention from a distance and don’t even fade away that easily. So, if you want your hair color to stay on your hair for a longer period, then it is advised to pick neutral shades like browns and blonde. They will add richness and durability to your hair much more than bright shades.