Everything You Need to Know Before Shaving Your Face

Instagram is brimming with face razors. With every influencer using the tool to shed their facial hair, you might be baffled with the thought of whether to use it or not. There are several ways to get rid of facial hair namely waxing, thread, bleach, and facial razors. And choosing the method surely depends on your preference.

Face razors are the most painful and easiest to use when it comes to all of the above methods. Since the growth of hair on the face is not very thick face razors work best on it. Waxing can harm the elasticity of the skin; bleach impacts the visibility of hair and does nothing in shedding it, the thread might pull the skin off but face razors not only remove the hair but also take away the dead skin. It exfoliates the surface so that products sink into the skin better and the result is smoother and glowing skin.

However, before heading to shave the peach fuzz here are a few things you need to know. We have listed the correct ways to shave your face that will result in maximum benefits and no irritation.

Use a Good Quality Razors-

Before starting with shaving your face make sure the razor you use should have high-quality blades. The good quality blades will work effectively in reducing the hair from the face. Moreover, they will prohibit any sort of skin rashes, skin reaction, or post-shaving bumps to erupt on the face.

The poor blades make your skin harsh and rough. So, make sure you buy the razors after checking verified reviews. The blades should not be very sharp as that might cut or wound your skin. Always clean the razor blades with makeup remover before applying it onto the skin making sure you don’t transfer any bacteria from the blades to your skin.

Moisturize Your Skin, First

Never work with razors on dry skin. Hydrate your skin first to prevent any irritation. Shaving strips-off the natural moisture of the skin that leads to irritation and rashes. Moisturizing the skin before shaving you are making sure that there is no moisture loss. Also, it helps the razor to get rid of peach fuzz more effectively.

Apply any facial oil or moisturizer, section by section to your face before shaving. Don’t apply it to the entire face at once rather apply on the section you are going to shave.

Work Downwards-

Always shave your face in the downwards direction. Gently pull the area you want to shave and start shaving it in the downwards direction towards your jawline. Never work with razors in the upward direction as that is not the correct method of shaving hair. Using the razor in an upward direction will cause scrubbing of the skin which can lead to irritation and you will not get the right grip of the facial growth.

Remember to work section by section and with soft hands, you don’t have to work hurriedly, just work with small downward strokes.

Apply Ice On The Area-

Once, you are done with shaving your face you will feel a slight redness and itchy skin that’s normal. Make sure as soon as you finish with shaving your face apply ice onto the area to get rid of inflammation and cool down the skin.

Use ice cubes wrapped in cotton or silk cloth this will not only cool down and combat redness but will also close and tighten the pores that opened during the process of shaving. Don’t use ice cubes directly to the face do wrap it in a cloth before applying.