Exclusive pieces to revamp your wardrobe

Whenever you are planning to stand out in the crowd with your look, you must try to revamp your wardrobe and add some exclusive pieces to your collection. This is imperative because once you start looking at the trends, you won’t be able to resist. The art of carrying any outfit and flaunting it at the right occasion comes naturally and requires a little tip and trick here and there. The foremost thing you should do is look for some really unique pieces that will grab all the attention that you crave for. We have narrowed some incredible pieces that have a huge impact and are being loved for their curation. Buy them right away and flaunt all the way!

A Statement Coat

The word ‘statement’ is used for anything that is not streamlined. It is something unique and stylish probably because of the way it is carried or because of its tailoring. But whatever it is, there is something special in it. When we say Statement Coat, we mean something that can be easily spotted in a crowd of people. It should be either a unique pattern or a bold print. It can also be a bright tone or neon shades. Anything that is extravagant either in print, pattern or color will be termed as a statement coat. The next time you go shopping, look for an exclusive piece and avoid going for the mainstream shades and prints. This will take you places and bring out the diva in you.

A Tweed Skirt

Yes, you must have heard of the famous Tweed jacket but this one is a tweed coat and oh, we love it! A tweed skirt has everything that you are looking for. If you are going to a cocktail party or an evening drink, this will be the perfect pick every time. Whatever you pick, the catch is to add a little element of uniqueness to it. Even if it is a skirt, look for exclusive pieces. Ditch the main colors from the palette and look for some muted colors. Ditch the linen and cotton skirts and look for tweed and velvet. The good thing about this one is that it will also give you warmth during the fall season and you can always pair it up with your fancy lace stockings for the desired look.

Fancy Overalls

Now overalls is not a particular outfit in a particular fabric. It is more of a generally categorized line where you are at discreet to pick the attire. You can pick anything from denim to lace to flowy fabric. But whatever you pick, it should be the same from top to bottom. Usually, dungarees and jumpsuits are associated with this one. Any outfit with the top and bottom parts attached together is overall. This trend will never go out of style because if its comfort level and style factor. It adds an edge to your style and makes you look super gorgeous. You can feel comfortable all day walking around and have no regrets about picking the wrong outfit.

Faux Fur Vest

Talking about exquisite pieces and not mentioning Faux Fur is not happening. A faux fur attire is classy and super elegant. It can turn around heads wherever you go and make you look sexy. It is great for every outing because of the versatility factor. There are a lot of speculations around this one as to formal or informal. But the truth in the matter is that this is also a perfect day dress. Wear it as an overlayer on your denim and tee for a quirky casual look. You can also wear it on your black dress in the night to add dimension to the outfit. There is so much you can do with this one and always look classy. If you believe us, this trend will become your staple outfit for the fall season.

Slouchy Trousers

One of the most loved and desired pieces in the fashion line is the baggy trousers. They are super comfortable and always look quirky, no matter what. Just like boyfriend jeans, this one allows your legs to breathe and keeps you at ease all day. With this pair of trousers, you are sure to have a lot of praise coming your way. The trick here is to pair it with the correct pieces to make a classy and quirky silhouette. This is because if you do not pair this one with the right attire, it will look like a flop show and you definitely don’t want that. Such slouchy trousers should be picked in linen or cotton so that they have a fall. They should be paired with something that is figure-hugging. Any blouse or tee that is fitted will be a good pick.