Fabulous ways to shake things up in your makeup routine

Working with makeup is like working with a color palette and canvas, where you can unleash your creative side and flaunt your creativity to the world. Makeup is a form of art that can take years to become a pro at and ace every kind of look. Playing with makeup can be incredibly fun, it is a way of showcasing your creativity and talent, therefore, you should keep trying and experimenting with all different kinds of makeup looks. While every person has a statement makeup look, wearing the same makeup look every time looks pretty boring and monotonous. And the only way to break this monotony is to try a makeup look that will help to spice things up a bit.
If you feel like your makeup turns out pretty much the same every single time, we are here to give you some ideas. Listed below are 5 incredible makeup tips that will help you switch up your makeup routine and get you out of that mundaneness.

Experiment with different makeup textures

If you want to take things slow and take baby steps instead of going all out at once, experimenting with different makeup textures would definitely help you switch up your makeup routine. Making some small tweaks to your routine would definitely help to break out of a makeup rut. And when it comes to experimenting with different makeup texture, you can consider switching your matte foundation with a dewy one and vice versa and your matte lipstick with a lip gloss and vice versa. These little tweaks will make a huge difference to your makeup look.

Shift focus to another feature

Another great way to spice things up in your makeup routine is by highlighting a different feature rather than highlight the same feature time and again. For instance, if you are always playing and experimenting with eye makeup and keep your lips pretty basic, you can shake things up a bit by wearing bold lip color and toning down your eyes. Shifting the focus to another feature would instantly make your makeup look fresh and exciting.

Use colored eyeliner

While black eyeliner is pretty classic, and it never fails to add some drama and definition to your eyes, wearing the same color every time can make your makeup look monotonous. Switching the color of your eyeliner will add visual interest to your look, and it will jazz things up a bit. Therefore, be open to experimenting with colorful eyeliners to not only shake things up but to also add a pop of color to your look. From blues and greens to yellows and pinks, you have so many options to work with.

Change your color palette

While every person has a different taste and preference, it always feels good to switch things up a bit in your makeup routine every now and then. The neutral color palette has quite a fan base, considering it is incredibly easy to work with and works well for every kind of look, but you can consider changing the color palette if you are looking to break out of a makeup rut. You don’t have to switch to bold colors like reds and maroons, palettes like pink and peach would offer the perfect amount of change without feeling too dramatic.

Keep yourself open to new ideas

When it comes to wearing makeup, every person has a comfort zone, and stepping out of that zone is not something everyone is willing to do. However, we would suggest to take the plunge and experiment with all different kinds of makeup looks. You should always keep yourself open to the idea of experimenting with different looks as it will help you to add some freshness to your look and spice things in your makeup routine.