Fashion Pieces That Have Lost Their Trend

Each fashion wear has a tendency to come and go. However, there are some bad choices that never come back. Today we will be discussing some of the bad fashion choices which people have openly accept but with the time you will most definitely regret investing in these pieces. So, wouldn’t it be better if you just don’t purchase them in the first place because believe me on this one these will for sure not be repeated? Well, I will not make the choice for you, I will do my part of suggesting and then you can tell me if you relate to these and if you believe what I think is going to be true. Let’s begin; before speaking anything further.

Cold Shoulder Tops


They had their time and now they are gone for good. I see still a few women styling in these. Well, it’s nothing wrong but these have had their time and now it is time that we move on with them. This doesn’t make much sense even. Just the individuals who have thick arms can use them to hide the fat, but the extremely thin girls or women look too sleek in this style. It like your elbow is coming out of the top sleeves. How can this look pleasing to you? Therefore, if you agree with me stop looking for these tops instead go for other varieties.

Short Sleeves Sweaters


Honestly, till the day I have not understood the purpose of adding short sleeves to a sweater. Why? These will make a bulge when you pull in a blazer with these and you cannot wear them alone because of the sleeves again. You don’t want to catch a cold leaving more than half of your sleeves uncovered. Quarter sleeves can still somewhere be acceptable, even without sleeves as you get to layer them but why the short sleeves in the sweater. If you want to keep the sweater you can have then again, I am no one to say anything to you maybe you feel comfortable with them. But it is seriously something out of the zone to understand these.

Sock Boots

Another thing that doesn’t make any fashion sense. We have socks to be worn under the boots if we like. Besides, when do we prefer to wear boots? Basically, during the snowy cold winters. Well, if you wear these in the snow then the sock material is definitely going to absorb the moisture from the snow. You have a layer inside that will not make your toes wet but the upper material will be getting moist and lose it shin with the time. So, if you have purchased the expensive sock boots then use them in some decor of your home because they will sustain. Wearing them out will not let them sustain for long. Sure if you are trying on something boohoo you can wear these once or twice but it’s better if we bid them goodbye now.
Talking about shoes one more thing that you need to not have in the closet is the furry boots or sandals. Anything which is meant to be worn on the toes and has fur on it. There is a logic behind these if you wear these regular then there is a good chance of mud, dust and what not stick to the fur. It will make it extremely unhygienic for you to wear them. You can try these at home and keep them as your home wear and not the outwears.

Ballet Flats

I am just referring to the classic ballet flats here and no other flats then that. These are pretty but they aren’t considered to be elegant shoes. I mean they can look cute on young girls but a woman looks good in heels. Even when the heels are not more than two inches. Today we have got the pointed toes and the square toes making the round toe sort of old.