Festive Hairstyles for the most striking looks

During festivities and parties, everyone wishes to curate different looks that can flatter everyone around. This craving to look charming and sexy for every outing is totally justified and for that, one should also make efforts. If you are willing to add some drama to your look, then the best way to do so is to learn some fancy hairstyles and practice them. This way you can look stylish always and you won’t even have to run to the salon at the last minute. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite festive and party hairstyles that will keep you well-spirited and fierce all the time.

Side-swept Double Braid

A side-swept braid is one of the most gorgeous styles in hairstyles and even if you have short hair, you can flaunt this one for all your outings. For a fancy night party where you wish to look sexy and stunning, this hairstyle will save you from any last-minute horror. This might look like a difficult thing to curate but actually, it is super easy and stylish. Simply start off by clipping your strands in three different sections. Then, take a large section from one side of your head and French braid it towards the back of your head. This should be done all the way until the nape of your neck. Once this is side-swept on the neck, secure this french braid with multiple bobby pins. You can leave some side strands loose so that it looks dramatic.

Fishtail Ponytail

A fishtail braid is something we all have done and flaunted for all our casual outings. Now, why don’t you try it for a night party? Picking a high-neck dress with long danglers or a wide neck dress with a bold neckpiece? Then this sleek ponytail will add drama to your look! With this look, you can save all your outings and look the best. Grab attention from everyone and make sure that there is enough volume in the ponytail. A more refined take on the classic high ponytail is the fishtail ponytail. It is perfect for dressing up for night parties and casual outings. It will keep hair away from your face and also give a voluminous look!

Twisted Bun

A twisted bun is definitely one of the most stunning styles in the history of buns. If we had to choose one bun that can make you look extravagant and also add vibrancy to your look, then it would be a twisted bun. A twisted bun is going to be our go-to look for all those fancy outings and will also make way for some drama. You can twist your strands falling from the side of your face. You can also add a chic spiral element in this look by twisting the hair strands first and then wrapping them around the bun. Add volume to the crown by backcombing your hair and keep it low near the neck for an elegant silhouette.

Hollywood Waves

One of the best hairstyles for short hair is these Hollywood eaves. Hollywood waves are one of those hairstyles that can not only complete any basic look but can also dress you up for a formal event. If you feel that your clothing is very basic, then you should pick these Hollywood waves for your outing and then there is literally no turning back. These waves are some of the most flattering looks one can dare to flaunt. They are extremely feminine and charming. They are also great for your gown looks, princessy feel, and cocktail outfits. Apart from that, even if you are wearing something basic, then this will be the best option. All you need to achieve this look is a wide-barrel curling wand and hairspray for the total setting. As you work around your head, simply curl your hair inward for that classic old Hollywood look.

Mermaid Braid

A mermaid braid is the perfect mixture of topsy tails with a fishtail braid. This braid is voluminous and that is what makes it distinct from the rest. Combining the aforesaid styles together has made this gorgeous hairstyle and that is why we love it. It is charming and flattering for any outing you name. Super easy to create once you’ve mastered the technique, this will become your go-to look for workplace, festivities, parties, shopping, etc.