Foundation- Tricks & techniques for a flawless application

If you love makeup, you already know that a foundation plays a significant role in the entire process. It is the most integral part of any makeup application because it makes the skin look flawless. There are so many ways to apply a foundation but the foremost thing to understand is the technique to pick the right foundation. That’s where the majority of women go wrong. So, if you want to learn the right tricks and techniques of using a foundation, then here are some tips that will help you start with it. Have a look and then pick your foundation type.

Figure out your undertone

The foremost thing that one should pay attention to is the undertone of your skin. You already know the tone and texture of your skin. The tone is basically what is visible on the outside- light, dark, medium. But undertone, as the name suggests is something that defines the outside tone of your face. And the key to finding the right foundation shade for you is to find the undertone first. There are basically three undertones: warm, cool and neutral. So, for this, you don’t need the help of a professional. All you need to do is have a look at your veins on your wrist. The color of the veins will define your undertone. If they are green, it means that you have a warm undertone. But if they are blue, it means you have a cool undertone. Neutral undertones will see a combination of green and blue veins. These colors of veins will decide whether you have to pick a pink-based or yellow-based foundation.

Read the label for skin type

After you have figured out your undertone, you need to understand the type of your skin. For instance, if you have a neutral undertone, there will be a lot of foundations under that range for normal, oily, dry and combination skin tones. So, you need to understand what is your particular skin type. You should never buy a skincare product without checking whether or not it is suitable for your skin type. The same rule applies to your foundation. You should check the label for the same but that alone is not enough. Try the application on your skin as well. It is recommended to pick a hydrating formula for dry skin beauties and a formula that can control oil on the face for oily skin beauties. but might not last well on oily skin. Also, pay attention to the color. Pick the exact color of your skin to avoid oxidization.

The trick of mixing two foundations

By now, you must have figured out the undertone and the type of your skin. But if you are unable to find the perfect shade for yourself, then here is a trick. You can pick two foundations for yourself and mix them together. Pick one foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone and the other one that is darker than your tone and then combine the two. This one is one of the most intelligent ways to look flawless and not creating havoc around picking the right shade of foundation. Although this can be an expensive affair to have two types of foundations; it will give you ultra-beneficial results for sure. Go for a drugstore brand that will not cost you a fortune and pick two foundations for a flawless style.

Damp beauty blender does the magic

If you thought that using brushes and the tips of your fingers can prove to be the best blenders for your foundation, then we have news for you. You should try something different and pick a cushion beauty blender for yourself. This beauty blender needs to be a little wet so that it can easily blend any kind of cream on your face. The trick is to use this damp beauty blender to achieve dewy skin. This is literally the easiest way to feel fresh and achieve glowing skin. The thing about a damp beauty blender is that this sponge can instantly make your foundation absorbed in the skin without causing any kind of patches on the skin. Just soak your sponge in water and squeeze out any excess before you apply your foundation.