Fun and stylish ways to rock a bold pout in 2021

2021 came with a new ray of hope. The most of us spent the previous year locked inside our homes for months, and we have to say that it wasn’t easy. Since we didn’t really get to step out of our houses in a long time, and whenever we did, we had to wear face masks, we are hoping this year to be different, if not entirely at least slightly, just for the sake of keeping us sane. Our makeup didn’t get to see the light of the day for months, but we are witnessing it getting changed this year.

Ever since we have been hit by this pandemic, we have been made to wear face masks, and that resulted in us wearing less lipstick and more lip balm. But since we have entered a new year and are hoping for things to get back to normal, we thought of giving our makeup looks an update this year. The easiest way to add some spice, drama, and wow factor to the makeup look is by wearing a bold shade of lipstick. Bold lipstick shades instantly transform your entire look and make you look from drab to fab in no time. Additionally, bold and statement lipsticks are going to be pretty huge this year, so why not jump on the bandwagon and add that spice to the look?

Ahead, we have listed some stunning bold lipstick shades that will completely transform your entire look.


Glossy red

There is no other shade that can look as flattering and gorgeous as red, and once you have found the perfect shade of red for yourself, there will be no looking back. Women who prefer classic and timeless makeup looks can never go wrong with this stunning shade. It is a fail-safe choice irrespective of your skin tone. The best way to rock a red pout is by keeping the rest of the look simple and dewy. And instead of keeping your lips matte, you should add a gloss on the top to achieve a glossy red pout.



Plum is a beautiful shade, and it looks gorgeous on almost every skin tone. Simply swiping lipstick in plum shade across your lips will instantly transform your look; you won’t need to do much in order to add that wow factor to your look. However, don’t forget to make your brows look defined and make sure to apply kohl to your upper and lower lash line in order to tie the whole look together.


Metallic pink

This bubbly color can actually work wonders for your look, you just need to learn how to wear it the right way. If you don’t mind experimenting with different lip textures, then you should definitely give metallic lipsticks a try. Metallic lipsticks are trending hard this season, and if you are comfortable wearing them, then they are an excellent way to rock a bold and statement pout. Metallic pink lipstick looks stunning and bold at the same time; you can complete the look by applying a thin flick of eyeliner, two-three coats of mascara, and defining your brows.


Dark brown

This shade might not have many fans, but it can actually look very stunning when worn the right way. Brown lipstick holds the ability to look uber-stylish, but one needs to know how to wear this shade correctly. You just need to find a shade of brown that looks the most flattering on you. Once you have found the perfect shade, you can rock a brown pout beautifully. You can keep the rest of your look minimal or add some drama and playful vibe to the look by going for a graphic eyeliner look.