Going To Wedding Accessories Your Hand With The Embedded Wristwatches

Certainly, watches weren’t considered wedding accessories in the earlier days. However, in early times people hardly use to step out of their home for official work; especially women they use to be busy with their everyday chores, hardly having any occasion to wear formal accessories such as a watch. Nowadays, we hardly think of leaving home without this crucial accessory on our wrist. I personally feel the empty wrist when I am not wearing a watch it grabs my attention from time to time. Imagine going at these fancy galas without a watch seems relevant but at the same time, we can forget the feeling of the empty wrist. Of course, you cannot wear wrist bands in both hands, indeed it will make you look over-accessorized. So, what option we have to get rid of this feeling? The enchanting collection of wedding watches is presented to us by many leading watch brands. These watches will surely end up your dilemma of what to do. Let’s view the trending ones.

Chain Wrap Bracelet

The chain watches are the most common ones and are easily available. You can buy these in any color preferably and wear these with the wedding dresses. But one must keep a check on the dial size; it shouldn’t be more than the size of your wrist. Otherwise, it will look like you are wearing an oversized borrowed watch. These are so adorable and perfect for any occasion. Since it’s not your daily watch choose it to be simple with any day and 24 hours hand running along.

Mesh Bracelet Watch


The mesh bracelet watches are simple a disguise of brackets. Meaning they have all a resemblance of a wrist band and anyone can confuse it with an actual wrist band. Well, how they are a classic match because their dial is covered with the pattern. The band of these watches is shimmery and the real watch is hidden beneath the floral pattern or a big stone. These watches have aside button tapping on it pops up the watch hidden under the mask.

Bangle Bracelet Watch

The bangle bracelet watches are another adorable watch patterns, they have a solid metal coverage around the dial and some beads on the dial surface. The solid metal is in the shape of a bangle has several designs embed in it such as flowers, bows, small beads, etc. These pieces look stunning with every piece of dress. They present a simple and charming look and make your attire complete for a wedding party.

Crosswalk Silver Tone

A cress-cross watch pattern is something ideal for a wedding or an everyday look. You can invest wisely in this watch as it will work as an accessory for a party look and look well similarly with the formal day work look. The silver band will go along with each possible dress. Choose a white color dial as it will appear to similar to watch and not stand out in the bracelet. If you get dark colors such as black or blue, they surely make you see the time well but at the same time differentiate the dial from the strap, which does not look good for a wedding party.

Pearl and flower

Pearls are considered to be precious stones and having these in watches adds up to a perfect party looks. Honestly, we believe that these pearls add up to the personality of a person. They not only look pure yet subtle. It is truly fascinating to look into these white pearl, how they reflect the rainbow colors in the tiniest of pieces. These watches come in patterns such as flowers and circles surrounded but the stone. There are various colors of pearls available in the market, which are artificially crafted. You can go for any color you like but white is the elite choice.