Hair hacks that will make you look more presentable for video conferencing

Ever since the coronavirus has hit the half of the world, all the working people have gotten themselves adjusted to the WFH environment, and as much as we are loving and hating this phase, it’s also important not to forget how to make yourself look more presentable especially on days when you have got a meeting to attend through video conferencing. While we spend most of our time lazying around in our cute PJs sitting cozily on our living room sofa and working casually, a last-minute video conferencing intimation can easily stress anyone out. And such times call for quick hacks that can make you look presentable in a jiffy. While you may be able to dress yourself up and even put on some makeup but what about your hair which has everything to do about the way you look. Firstly, there’s no need to panic, there’s always a way to get your way around with things even if it’s your hair.
Listed below are a few hair hacks that can instantly make you look more freshen up and presentable for video conferencing.

Embrace your frizzy hair

Believe it or not, but frizzy hair is a thing now and there’s no better chance for you to embrace your frizz than this time. To all the frizzy hair girls, you have a reason to rejoice as you can embrace your frizz like a diva now but mind you, it’s also important that you keep things in balance and not overdo anything. Even if you don’t have naturally frizzy hair, you can fake one for yourself using hairspray as many hairstylists are also doing the same. After putting your hair in a bun, pull some tendrils from near your ears and temple to frame your face and also to create an effortlessly chic look.

Enhance your dull and droopy pony

Pony hairstyle is cool and all but wearing it too casually might not actually work wonders for you. However, you can prop up your dull pony with the use of a few bobby pins. After you are done putting your hair in a high pony, flip your head down and slip a few bobby pins under the base of your pony through the hair tie to make it look more perked up. Fluff your pony up to hide the bobby pins and you will be good to go.

Add some volume to your flat hair

Your hair can easily turn flat due to being positioned in the same manner for long hours and quite honestly flat hair can look too mundane and dull. The lack of natural bounce not only makes your hair look flat but it also gives your hair a very bland look. However, there’s an easy way to perk up your flat hair and give it a fine volume. To make your flat hair look volumized without finishing your entire can of hair spray, there’s an easy trick that you can follow. Make a deep side partition in your hair and apply a few spritzes of hairspray or dry shampoo on that part and massage it using your fingers. Follow the same procedure for the other side of your hair. Once you’re done, gently run a comb through your hair and you will be good to go.

Create soft waves using a flat iron

There’s no other thing that can come to your quick rescue than a flat iron. With a flat iron by your side, you can easily create a wavy hairstyle in several different ways. You can either do it in a typical twisting manner or you can simply run a straightener through your braided tresses to get the desired results. And most importantly, before subjecting your hair to heat, make sure to apply a heat protectant spray.