Hair mistakes that can result in acne breakout on your face

If you thought that various environmental factors and your skincare or makeup products are the only ones to be blamed for those acne breakouts then it’s time you clear that confusion of yours. While most of the time it’s either our lifestyle or the products that we use on our face that cause the occurrence of pimples but sometimes, the reason could be something else that you may not even have any idea about. Any guesses what could that be? Well, if your guess is as strong and right as ours then you are going in the right direction. Our hair is one of the culprits which can result in pesky pimples on our face. Yes, that’s very much true. Don’t consider your hair to be your best friend as it is one of the root causes of adult acne. Shocking right? Well, we all were too. But now that we know about this, all we can do is, make sure not to commit any mistakes with our hair that can cause those pesky pimples to form on our face. Knowingly or not, we all have had made one of these common mistakes with our hair and the next day we have woken up with one or two pimples on our skin. Well, that was our hair who did the business. And to make sure it doesn’t happen again, we have listed a few hair mistakes that you should strictly avoid making to keep your skin healthy, clean and acne-free.

Not taking a shower after a workout


The workout involves a lot of physical activity and that easily results in sweat which feels very gross and icky. The first thing any person should do post-workout is to take a shower. All that grime, dirt or even the dandruff that has been build up on your scalp mixes up with the sweat which starts to slide down your face. With all the amount of dirt and bacteria, your face gets subjected to can make your skin react adversely and that further can cause breakout which is not something you would like to happen. That’s the reason you should always take a shower and rinse your hair with clean water to get rid of all that sweat and oil.


As much as we would like to not mention this on our list, but your bangs can be one of the reasons for those pesky pimple formations. Our scalp produces natural oil which evenly gets distributed all over our hair including our bangs which can get even oilier because of them being exposed to several beauty products. Those oily bangs easily come in contact with our face and leave our skin irritated causing break out, while there’s nothing much that we can do in this scenario but only to clip back the bangs whenever we can.

Leaving your hair open while sleeping

While we do understand that you may dearly love your tresses but that doesn’t mean you will leave them open while you are asleep. This is the silliest thing you can do as it can result in acne breakout if you aren’t careful enough. Always tie your hair in a ponytail or bun especially when they are greasy or dirty to avoid your tresses coming in contact with your face.

Using the hair products the wrong way

While using hair products on hair, some women always end up accidentally spritzing a tiny amount of product on the face which can irritate your skin and can result in acne formation. There’s always the right way of applying the product and if you certainly can’t get it right, you should make use of another technique that will work equally well. Instead of directly spraying the product on your hair, take the product on your hands and run it through your locks.

Hair accessories

Yes, your hair accessories can also be one of the reasons. If you like wearing those bandanas and hats more often, then make sure that they don’t feel too tight as they can clog the pores and can result in acne around your hairline. To keep all that dirt, oil, and sweat at bay, wash your hair accessories every day so that they don’t irritate your skin.