Hair Styles for Neck Long Straight Hair

Having long or short hair is a personal preference. So people do keep long hair because they have never imagined them with shorter hair. Otherwise, a few individuals with short hair never give a thought of getting longer hair because they cannot imagine their hair being long. They feel it is easy to maintain short hair rather than long hair. So today we will be discussing the style that you can make with your short hair. Indeed there will be a section of your hair that will be completely open. But the half tie has its charm. Besides, you can always tie up different sections and look different every time. So let’s begin styling hair in a quick easy manner.

Twist and Bun

This look consists of some hair twists and a messy bun. Firstly, take a small section from the temple and start twisting it. Now, use a bobby pin to secure it on the crown of your head. Take hair from both sides of your head and make this twist. Secure the two using a bobby pin. Now, grab some hair along with the twisted strands, backcomb them, and wrap them in a bun. Secure them using a bobby pin or a tie band. It will turn out to be a nice hairdo. This can be something that you can try while you are heading to a party where you will be dancing. Make sure you secure the bun nicely.

Side clip

To make the slide clip style, allow your hair to fall naturally on the side they do. Once the fall is set, grab the front bangs and tuck them in this flowing manner below the crown. You can cover these pin by flipping some hair from the side over them or let them be visible. It is a super quick hairstyle that you can do to your hair within like five minutes. Make sure that all your hair is detangled and they are looking sleek. Otherwise, you can add some teasing below the crown section to give some volume to your hair. Make sure the teasing is smoothen-out from the top and there are no lumps. If you have got some extra time on your plat then try to make a twisted braid from the other side of the falling hair. It will balance the look because the volume will not be shifted towards one side only.

Front braid

Don’t give up just yet seeing the braid. We aren’t going to make you do the three strands braiding here. It is a simple easy technique. Can take a little bit of time in the starting but with the time it will be like two minutes task. Make the natural fall of your hair and take some hair from the front section. Now, take a few hair ties. They have to be matching to your hair if you have blond hair then using clear tie will be better; otherwise, people who have red, brunette or black hair must use black hair ties. Grab the section and tie it using the hair tie, slightly off the scalp. Now, separate the strand from the center and pass the remaining hair through the loop. It gives you a nice braid look. Try it several times like five to six times depending upon the length of your hair. Tuck the rest of the hair on the bottom crown. If you like to add volume then you can pull some hair from the loop.

Top bun

Grab some hair from the center of your head. Don’t take an extremely wide portion. Keep it small and thin. Now, tie this section using a hair tie. Pull some hair in the front to give a puffy feeling to your hair. Now, do the backcomb to the remaining hair and wrap them in a bun. You can secure the bun using a few bobby pins if your hair can be controlled using a hair tie then you can do that as well.