Hair Tools and Techniques to Add to Your Vanity

Hair is the natural accessory of every person if styled correctly can bring wondrous change to the personality of a human being. Some people get a bob cut and looks cute, others get a more mature look. So one thing isn’t meant for all yet you can style your hair in several manners and try on different cuts once in a while. Getting short hair can be just the trick for a long hair person or it could be not. All in all, we understand hair plays an important role in our lives and looks. So today we will be sharing a few hair tricks, items that will help you get a better hair styling.

Powder Hair Color

To have a beautiful vision every one suggests that your triangle should be the only thing that is gaining attention. But the uneven headline makes it difficult to have the three-point attention. Just to clarify the three points are the two ends of your brows intersecting each other at chin forming a triangle. One must have a fill-in in the scalp to get the symmetry. Now, if your hair is heavy then you will have a filled-in look from the front. Most of us have got the baby hairs in front and there is no visible volume, therefore to make a complete round headline, use the hair powder. If you have blad patches use it with a foundation brush, but for light coverage use a buffing brush in a circular motion. If you have got too much powder use your finger to make it look natural.

Pony Tail

Making a high ponytail like Elaina doesn’t suit everyone. Therefore going for high ponytail over the head crown can be or cannot be the look for all face shape. It can make you look wired, so one should go for a ponytail on the point proportional to their eyes. This sort of gives a nice curve to the hair behind and doesn’t affect your face shape. If you have sharp chin then this look can works wonder for you but others you must go for behind ear ponytail.

Clear partitions

Adding clear partition while braiding or even when you are leaving your hair open can give a nice and clear image of your hair. If you like to keep center partition or side partition, both can be done with perfection if you use a rat tail comb. The pointy end is used by hairstylists to make a partition of your hair while coloring, or styling, etc. Use this comb to give some clear sections to your hair.

Straight Baby Hairs

We all have got the baby hair in front of our heads. Now when you style your hair, the style stays put on your hair until you have washed them. Somehow when we wash our face these baby hair get washed off and they lose their style. It is a must that you apply some heat protection to them and makes them straight on a regular basis this will keep your baby hair in their place and they will not look separated from the rest of your hair. Use a hot straightening iron to make them straight and put it on maximum heat before slide it through your hair.

Hair serum

Apply hair serum in the middle of the week is important. This is a must-do for super curly hair people. Mostly curly hairs are dry and after wash, within two days they lose the conditioning hydration. Having this hair serum will help you protect your hair from the heat and offer the drained vitamins and nourishing elements from them. Thus spraying hair serum after wash till the next wash should be done by all. Don’t over-do it by spraying 7-8 ounces each day, settle with 3-4 leaving a day. This will give the shine to the hair which it lacks. You can run comb if you do combing otherwise running your fingers will be fine.