Helpful tips to care for your scalp for better hair growth

When it comes to your hair, there are a lot of factors that can be held responsible for damaging your tresses, and that includes factors like pollution, dirt, and environmental aggressors. However, your hair’s health is also largely influenced by your scalp’s health. The healthy your scalp, the healthier your hair will appear. A healthy scalp is one of the main keys to flaunting stronger and healthier hair. And when it comes to maintaining your scalp, there’s much more to it than just keeping the scalp clean.
The better your scalp’s health is, the better it will be prepared to combat causes of hair loss and supersede transplanted hair follicles more quickly, resulting in healthy hair growth. The maintenance of the scalp isn’t just limited to keeping it clean; there are so many other things to consider. If you have been looking for ways to grow our healthy hair, taking good care of your scalp could be a great start to it. We have listed a couple of useful tips for you on how you can care for your scalp in the best possible way.

Be wary of the ingredients in your shampoo

Aside from hair oils, shampoos come in contact with your scalp the most, therefore, it is important to check if you have invested in the right product or not as using the wrong shampoo can result in irritated and dry scalp as well as increased sensitivity. The only way to determine if the shampoo is safe to be used is by learning about its ingredients. Most shampoos contain harsh ingredients that are known to affect your scalp, parabens and sulfates are some of the examples. You should invest in products that are enriched with scalp-loving ingredients to keep your scalp healthy.

Indulge in scalp exfoliation

We all know how important it is to exfoliate your skin, but your skin is not the only one that needs to be exfoliated, your scalp could also use some exfoliation. Aside from helping you get rid of dead skin cells, exfoliation also helps in eliminating product build up and dirt from your scalp. You can exfoliate your scalp using a chemical exfoliator such as a salicylic acid shampoo.

Massage your scalp

Regular massages can help your scalp get healthier by increasing blood circulation, and this in turn, promotes hair growth. If you want the massage to be relaxing and stress-relieving, you can indulge in hot oil treatment, but if you want to do it regularly, you can dry massage your scalp every day for about 5-10 minutes before going to bed.

Keep your hair protected from sun exposure

The harmful rays emitted from the sun are not only damaging your skin but your hair as well. Therefore, it’s important to protect your precious locks from sun exposure. One of the best ways to protect your hair is by spritzing a broad spectrum sunscreen hairspray throughout your mane, or you can simply choose to wear a thick hat or scarf to cover your hair.

Include essential nutrients in your diet

Your diet plays a crucial role when it comes to keeping your hair healthy, and one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy is by keeping your scalp nourished. This is where diet comes into the picture, by following a balanced diet; you will be able to deliver essential nutrients to your scalp, which will further promote hair growth. Since protein is largely responsible for keeping your hair healthy, make sure to include protein enriched foods in your diet. Additionally, you can include fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products in your diet to provide your scalp with essential nutrients.