High Heels to wear on Christmas eve!

There are many types of high heels that you can actually find in the market but we know all shoes are not at all same. And there are many types of shoes, to be precise heels that you can actually wear on Christmas eve. And that is the reason why we are here to provide you with the best kind of heels for you that is under your budget and of course are great for the parties like Christmas and New Year!
Hence, here are some of the high heels that you can wear in the Christmas eve party and you will actually love it –


The Classic Heels

As the name suggests these kinds of heels are really simple and are perfect for the normal, casual, and formal kinds of Christmas parties. These classic kinds of heels are just perfect for anyone who doesn’t want much bling on the shoe and also. You can also make sure to add perfection by wearing them with the formal dress and you will actually love the way it will look on your feet. If you are into heels that are around 3 and ½ inches in height, then this is the perfect heel for you.


Pump Heel

These are even more formal than the classic heels and are great for those who want to attend the business or the corporate Christmas party. These are the perfect and the most traditional kind of heels for women. These are generally made of black leather and you will actually love the style of the heels. Moreover, these heels are closed at the toe and also are not higher than an inch. These are the best for anyone who loves to wear comfortable heels.



These are the iconic heels that can be the perfect one and are also easily available to anyone. These are great for casual and blingy parties. You will actually love the looks of these perfect heels as these are available in many prints and are also, sometimes blingy as well. Classic stilettos are actually heightened from 3 to 5 inches and are also made of leather, you can even make sure to buy these if you are interested in looking like a goddess at the Christmas eve party. There are also many brands that you can consider if you are looking for some heels.


Kitten Heels

Often known as the training heels, these kitten heels are perfect shoes to go for if you are a newbie to the heels or you are not comfortable in the high heels. These are training heels and that is the reason why it is named a kitten. These heels are heightened around 1.5 to 2 inches of heels and are the best option for any kind of party. The curve at the back of the shoe makes it even more comfortable hence, you can actually go for these heels if you don’t want to tier your feet.



Wedges are also one-of-a-kind shoes and that is because of the fact that it has the sole support. The heel is actually pretty comfortable and you will actually love the look of this heel. Moreover, it is actually the comfiest of all the heels and is the optimal one for those who love to wear high heels but can’t wear them because of their comfort level. These heels are available from 2 inches to 4 inches and are also elevated as well.


Block heels

These are more like traditional heels and less like wedge heels, you would actually love these heels because they will give the comfort of the wedge heel and the look of the classic high heels. With the height of 2 inches to 4 inches, it is the perfect kind of heel for the people who are going for any kind of event whether it is formal, casual, or also the blingy one as well. Thus, these can also be your choice as it is also available in many designs such as open toes, closed toes, or strapped ones.

Thus, these were some of the great shoes that are great for the females who want to go to a Christmas party.