Home remedies to deal with hair loss at the temples

People of almost every age group experience hair fall and hair loss, irrespective of their gender or hair type. Some people are affected by this issue more severely, in some cases, it is pretty normal. Although hair loss is a pretty concerning issue, this problem becomes even more serious when a person starts to lose hair around the temples, which often leads to bald patches. This issue is extremely common amongst both men and women, and while this might make you feel a bit worried or anxious, you need to channel all your energy into finding solutions to fix this issue.
Before you lose hope, hear us out. Hair loss at the temples is a common hair woe, but it can be treated by using some home remedies. Instead of using products purchased from the market, make your own solutions at home. Believe us, dealing with hair loss at the temples is not really a difficult job, by using certain homemade remedies, you will be able to fix this issue once and for all. Listed below are 4 homemade remedies that will help to regrow hair naturally at the temples.

Aloe vera

We all are well aware of how incredibly beneficial aloe vera is for skin, but its use isn’t only limited to your skin, it can be used for your hair as well. Aloe vera is an excellent source of vitamin A, B, C, E, and it is one of the most natural ways to deal with hair loss at the temples. Aside from helping to nourish and condition your scalp, aloe vera also provides essential nutrients to your hair and boosts hair growth. Moreover, it helps to prevent hair loss at the temples, which solves the issue. Apply aloe vera gel to your temples and leave it on for about an hour or overnight before washing it off.

Onion juice

Onion juice is known to work absolute wonders for hair. It not only boosts hair growth but also prevents thinning hair, which is like killing two birds with one stone. Onion is an excellent source of sulfur, and it helps to kill fungi and germs accumulated on the scalp that are majorly responsible for encouraging hair loss. Additionally, onion juice increases blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn, boosts hair growth. You can either use a store-bought product or freshly extracted onion juice at home. Apply the juice on the affected areas and leave it on for about half an hour before washing it off with shampoo.

Olive oil

Olive oil is yet another excellent home remedy to deal with hair loss at the temples. Giving yourself a relaxing head massage with olive oil helps to stimulate hair follicles, which in turn, boosts hair growth. Head massages have a lot of benefits to offer, and one of the many benefits is improved blood circulation in the scalp, which further helps to promote strong and healthy hair growth. You can warm the oil a bit to allow better penetration into the scalp, massage it gently onto your scalp and wash it off after 30minutes.

Potato rinse

Potatoes are packed with several essential nutrients and vitamins, and these compounds work absolute wonders for your hair. In addition to providing extra nourishment to your follicles, potato rinse also promotes hair growth. Moreover, it helps to clarify your scalp thoroughly, unclogs the follicles, and promotes hair growth. Using potato rinse regularly will also help to add extra shine and luster to your locks by sealing the cuticles. Take the water you boiled the potatoes in and let it cool down. Once it is good to be used, you can rinse your hair with the same water after shampooing and conditioning.