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How can you fix your hair on a bad hair day?

We all experience some bad hair days and sometimes it gets difficult to tame and make the look work. Some get bad hair days after some days of hair wash while some might even get the next day. It all depends upon the type of hair you have. Sometimes you plan on going out with friends and family and see that your hair is not corporate with you and you need to do something to make it work.

If you face these kinds of situations then you can look at the list below to know about different ways you can make a great lookout of your bad hair day and it will look just wonderful.

Use a dry shampoo

This is one of the easiest and most tried solutions for bad hair. Dry shampoo helps in controlling the oiliness of the hair and can add some volume to the locks. All you need is a good quality dry shampoo and use it on your oily hair directly. Put some dry shampoo on your hair and rub it gently on your hair. This makes your hair look fresher and less oily. If you do not have some dry shampoo, you can use some baby powder in place of it.

Braid your hair to tame them

When having a bad hair day, the first thing you must see is how your hair looks. Some strands get frizzy and rough while some get oily. In order to tame the hair and make sure that they look presentable you can braid them. You can make a ponytail or can braid them into different styles. There are so many ways you can braid your hair and make them look good. All you need to do is comb them properly and braid them neatly. If you feel that they are extremely oily or frizzy you can opt for French or Dutch braid.

Cover your roots with some hat or scarf

One of the easiest ways you can make bad hair work is to hide them. If the roots are not visible to anyone, they won’t be able to tell if they are greasy or frizzy. For this, all you need is something to cover your head with such as a hat, cap, or scarf. In winters it is easy to hide bad hair by wearing a cozy cap and for summers you can use some hat or headband and then leave the rest of the hair open or can braid them. You can even use a scarf to cover your hair.

Backcomb the hair to make them appear heavy

If your hair sticks to the scalp on a bad hair day and makes it look like they have no volume, you can backcomb the roots of your hair to create some volume. This gives volume to the hair and makes it look fuller and better. Backcombing is not a difficult task to perform. You just need to take some section of your hair and instead of combing from roots to the tips, you need to comb from the mid-section to the roots. This makes the hair creates some fake volume and gives a pretty look.

Wash your hair from the front

If the hair is untameable and you feel like there is nothing you can do right now or when you do not have much time to wash and dry your whole head, you can just wash some section of the hair. You can take some section of your hair from the front and wash it quickly and then dry it. This will create an illusion that the hair is oil-free and clean. You can take them and put them in a ponytail or something to cover the greasy hair. It is helpful when you have bangs.

You can use other methods you know or get to know about how you can make the bad hair work in a short time. Do not worry about a bad hair day because it is just like a normal day and it is okay to have rough or greasy hair. How can you define a day as a bad hair day? You make it an issue yourselves. All you need to do is forget about it and make sure that to continue the day confidently and be happy.