How to add an element of Glitter to your outfit?

Glitter is one such thing that has the potential to add vibrancy to your outfit and make it look spectacular. There is a lot of chic vibe in it and there is no way that you don’t look extravagant with this one. As a part of your outfit, it can grab attention from everyone and immediately add that oomph to the look. You should never think twice before adding an element of this aspect to your attire and stepping out in style. Make sure there is enough visibility and the glitter is just glitter- not gaudy. There is a difference and if you are able to nail it, there is nothing like it.

Glitter crop tops

Wear this glitter crop top with your denim or with a solid plain skirt- whatever you like. This crop top can also be used in the winter season when there is biting cold in the air. All you have to do is pick this one with a regular pair of jeans and pull an overcoat along. Beneath this glitter crop top will work its charm effortlessly. the thing is that whenever you add something contrasting to your outfit, it grabs attention always and there is literally nothing that can match it. If there is one thing that suits best for all your night parties in summer as well as winters- it is this crop top in the finest shimmer. Do not overdo it, keep it classy!

Glitter Pockets

If the idea of wearing glitter apparel bothers you, then we have this rescue for you. The ideology behind having glitter pockets is that they add a chic vibe to the look. It looks like you want to showcase some kind of unique personality to the world. These glitter pockets can be a part of your DIY easily and there is nothing better. If you have any basic jeans or a shirt, then this will add a touch of charm to it. You can easily pick pieces of glitter fabric and sew them either on the shirt pocket or on the back pocket of your jeans. And voila! You have succeeded in adding that element of glitter to your separates! This looks classy and is not even too much in the face.

Glitter Shoes or Pumps

By far, one of the best accessories that you can pick in glitter is these shoes or heels- whatever you like. The charm of footwear is something else and if there is one thing that will not let them die is their style. You can never have enough glitter and if it is in your shoes, you got it right! Glitter shoes are easily available everywhere and are also seen flaunted by celebrities as well as on the streets. The reason for this undying love is that they add a party touch to your look. And it is not necessary to wear them when you are going to a party. You can wear them in day time for your casual lunches too. They just add a distinct vibe to the overall look and that is what will make you look different from others.

Glitter belts

Talking about accessories, glitters belts are a thing! They can upgrade any minimalistic outfit in literally no time. You can add them to your day look, night look, cocktail party look, sporty look- anything! Belts are a staple and there is a reason for it. They hold the grip of our bottoms just how it is supposed to be and never make the outfit look boring. If you are up for using this glitter belt as a part of your outfit, then we recommend picking black sequins, rose gold shimmer and even a mix of colors. You can literally take any outfit from your closet and give it a party upgrade by adding a glitter belt. Pick your formal dress and wear a glitter belt on it for your official parties.

Glitter Clutches

A bag- sling or handbag is the best accessory that you can add to your outfit. It is a utility product as well as stylish because it literally makes the outfit look complete. If you do not feel like carrying a bag, pick a petite clutch like this one and head to any party. It is sure to grab you the attention you need! With a glitter clutch, you can pair your heavy outfits as well as your light-colored outfits because it alone is enough to work the charm! Simply carry this statement clutch in any color tone you like and you’re sorted!