How to Add Volume to Your Hair?

There are many options in today’s time to add volume to your hair. Some are old and some are new. We will share all the products that you can use to have the volume of add texture to your hair so that they look healthy and fluffy. Let it be hereditary or due to color damage or bleach damage your hair has lost volume. These will be the solution to cure them of the root. If you want to fake them then which are the products that you must be using to have your hair become thick? So let’s begin discovering.

Hair Oil

It has been the most ancient and widely known technique which can be used to grow hair to make them thick and voluminous. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply oil to your hair roots every time you have to wash your hair as it helps in nourishing the scalp. If you have skin allergies or hair issues then hair oil can really make a huge difference. I will not say that you need to go for the hair serums because you can go for them if you like. However, I will suggest you be using hair oil rather than serums. Oil makes a huge difference. You can use castor oil or coconut oil for massage as they are the best ones. Assure that they are cold-pressed and are 100% natural. Don’t give up hope after a month’s application. Apply oil at least twice a week and wash them the next morning or after waiting 2 hours.


Hair volumizing shampoos are also a great help when it comes to hair growth. Since these shampoos level some texture in your hair. It is not that they are going to give you 100% silky hair. It will give clean hair which has a bounce added to it. Now, if you are going to comb your hair while they are wet after using this shampoo then you are not letting the shampoo do its work. Let’s them dry naturally of using a blow-dry. The way you need to blow dry will be discussed up further. Let the shampoo work on your scalp, and let the hair dry naturally overnight. If you wash them during the day then leave them for an hour or two without comb but push your hair up using your fingers.


The technique to blow dry is simple you need to use the blow-dry in an upward direction. It should lift your hair from the roots rather than pushing them down. You need to use a roll comb. It depends upon your hair which size you will need. The normal medium size is recommended for most of the hairstyles. So you can grab the hair moving your way up from the root, and blow-drying them at the same time. Rather than passing the air from top to bottom, place the blow-dry down. Always keep your straight up rather than making an angle from the scalp.



You will need two combs for this technique. Firstly, a teasing comb and the second one is teased detangling comb. The difference between the two is one has plastic teeth on it and the other one has a plastic or sometimes bore hair on it. You cannot replace the plastic comb with a wooden one in this case but the bore comb will be a better option for brushing off the tease. So you need to tease by keeping your hair straight from the scalp. It should not be an angle, whereas straight from the scalp. Now, backcomb your hair from middle to the root, and smooth the rest of the hair by combing them. You need to cove the crown to add volume to the hair. Make sure you have covered the whole head and not just the obvious four sections. Move-in a circular motion so that you don’t skip teasing from any part of your head.