How To Create An Illusion Of Thicker Hair

We all want thick and healthy hair don’t we? While we are doing the ideal hair care and trying out DIY hair growing masks we still want to have thicker hair instantly, right? Surely, you can’t grow your tresses thick overnight but what you can do is mimic thicker hair without using any extension, yes you heard that right!
In the feed, we’ll be sharing with you certain tips and tricks that will help you in creating an illusion of thicker hair. So, if there is something important to attend or you just want to make your hair game strong try these tips and you will imitate your thick hair goals in no time flat!

Pick A Thickening Shampoo And Conditioner

If you want to mimic thicker hair you ought to use a thickening shampoo and conditioner. Of course, it will cleanse your hair like a normal shampoo but apart from cleaning it will add volume to your tresses perfectly rendering an illusion of thick hair.
The shampoos that are thickening in nature are infused with very less moisturizing ingredients. Thus, is a perfect step towards mimicking the thick hair goal!

Avoid Layering Too Many Products

If you’re applying to many hair products you’re actually weighing down your tresses. Too many hair products will make your hair loaded and hence the tresses will weigh down. And, if your tresses are weighed down they will instantly look much more light and thin.
So, make sure you’re not using too many products post-cleaning your hair as it will break the whole idea of using a thickening shampoo and conditioner.
Post hair wash, what products you should use are listed below. Not apply more than that-
– Hair serum
– Hair Volumizing Mousse

and that’s it.

Blow Dry Your Hair

We won’t suggest you follow this step regularly but once in a while it’s totally cool to follow this step.
After using products blow dry your hair. Blow-drying will add volume to your tresses giving an illusion of thick and volumized hair. Make sure you’re blow-drying your hair half. And, always use a good quality blow dryer with heat controlling measures.

Style Your Front Locks

The best way to create an illusion of thicker hair with the existing growth is to only style the front locks. Whenever you’re straightening your hair make sure you’re straightening only the front side of your hair and leave the back locks as it is.
The unruly and frizzy texture of your hair will plum the front locks and they’ll look much thicker and volumized. And, when you’ll style the front locks the hair will appear much neater without forsaking thickness.
Make sure you’re not straightening your hair dead straight as that will weigh down your tresses without adding volume. Another simplest way to add volume while styling your hair is to create waves. Waves add volume to your hair and also look much more appealing. So, you can surely try that out.

Tease Your Hair

You must have seen your stylists doing some post styling actions with your hair, for example, rubbing fingers through your hair, vigorously rubbing them, bouncing them in different directions. What does that do to your hair?
Well, these actions help to add volume to your tresses. While you’ll be doing this on your own you might not know the expert actions and movements. But, you can surely do one thing which is equivalent to those movements and actions.
After styling your hair gently tease the tresses from the roots and that will mimic a fuller crown.