How To Cut Your Own Bangs At Home

Before you take the scissors, read this! If you want to cut your bangs or fringes, this guide will help you a lot.
Bored with the same look, bangs are an easy way to change your look and add a refreshing touch. You can change the look without hampering the length of your hair, and this is what we all want, right? If you have deiced to cut your bangs on your own this guide will help you get started since by no means you’re professional chances are you might end up cutting the bangs unevenly.
This step by step guide will help you get the perfect bangs. So, let’s get started!

Invest In The Right Tools- the right scissors

You can’t just use the kitchen scissors to cut your bangs. For the even cut and perfect look, you need the right and professional tools. Invest in the professional scissors that are meant for chopping the hair.
If you’ll be using any other rough scissors chances are you can also distort the natural hair growth. So, make sure you get the right pair of scissors that are just meant for hair cutting.

Gather Your Supplies

Once, you have the right tools, the next step would be of course chopping the bangs. And, to execute that seamlessly we would suggest you gather everything in one place. So, that you don’t have to rush here and there, holding your bangs to get the things when needed.
For cutting the bangs, all the supplies you’ll need are listed below-
• A Comb
• A Tail Comb- to section the hair
• Hair Spray
• Hair Clips- to get the firm grip
• And, of course, a pair of Scissors.
Arrange all this and keep it near you so that each time you need anything it’s within your reach.

Section Your Hair

• Grab the crown area of your hair and tie it with the help of hair clips. Since you’ll be working on the crown area, this will help you to keep it aside from the rest of the hair.
• Tie the hair in a ponytail, so you won’t feel any disturbance.
• Sectioning your hair is really very important. As it gives you the exact idea of what you need to cut and whatnot.
• Remove the hair clip, spray some water, and cut the longer layers around your head. Don’t cut the length too short at the first go. Cut a small chunk and look if it’s fine. If you feel to go shorter, cut again and do it so on.
• Now once, you get the crown section into long layers, frame the face. Look what length bangs will suit your face.
• Make your bangs in a triangle or V shape and flip the hair.
• Now, cut the hair as per the length you have decided.
• Make sure you get even bangs, if not work to even out the bangs.
And, with these easy steps, you’re done!

Style Your Hair

Bangs look great when styled. So, make sure once, you cut your hair you style them. And, by styling, you don’t have to go too professional. Just straighten them and you’re done. While straightening, make sure you twist inwards from the ends, this will give a nice lift to the bangs.

So, this is how you can cut your bangs at home and that too on your own. Make sure, you practice a bit before actually cutting the hair.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help and you really enjoy the whole experience of cutting the bangs.