How to Get Rid Of the Stinky Arm Pit?

Before we begin with remedies let’s get to know the cause of having armpit odor. There are lots of reasons; one of them being that your armpit isn’t getting detoxified properly. Besides, there are genetic which are partially responsible for some individual for being more odor than others. These glands cause not only sweaty armpit but more wax in the ear, even breast odor. The foul smell can be the effect of puberty, clothing, food consumption, and various medical conditions. However, whatever is the cause of your smelly pits we are here to get to the solution of resolving these. So before we get to resolve, you need to perform these methods every once in a while so that you don’t land up where you were before.

Tea Tree Oil

The essential oil such as the tea tree oil is extremely helpful in killing the underarm odor. This oil has antimicrobial and astringent properties. These properties help in removing the odor from the body and minimize the underarms pores. This way you get to detoxify your armpit and resolve the issue of stinky pits. Now, you need to apply a drop of it on your hand, to see that it is friendly to your body. If it reacts differently to the skin, in the way it shouldn’t then you shouldn’t use this remedy. Begin with, taking a bowl add one tablespoon water and two drops of oil. Mix them, apply it with the help of cotton, and make sure you are using it regularly.

Lemon Juice

Take half a lemon and rub it on your underarm. You must have washed the pit before applying anything to it. As you know lemon is known for its antibacterial properties and skin brightening. If you use it every day on your skin you will get rid of the dark underarms as well as the odor. If you feel that direct application would be harsh on your skin then you can add a tablespoon of water to the lemon juice and apply it with the help of cotton.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains fatty acid, which is the perfect cure for our problem. The fatty acid present in coconut oil has antibacterial properties that could remove the odor particles from your skin once applied. You need to gently massage a drop of two of it on your pit. If you take more quantity than this your skin will be too oil and the oil will attach to your clothes. This will leave a nasty mark, so make sure the quantity is less and you have massaged it in.

Aloe Vera

These days we have heard so many benefits of Aloe Vera. It is a rich plant and has tons of medicinal properties. It is no shock that it can cure the underarm odor. Believe me, if you apply the fresh Aloe Vera gel to even a scratch on your body it will be healed it quickly. It will help you detoxify the underarm area by eliminating the foul smell. So take a small piece of aloe Vera and extract its gel. Or directly rub the leaf under your arm. Leave it and get smooth, odor-free underarms. You can resolve the issue by ingesting it as well, if you intake a quarter cup of Aloe Vera juice empty stomach every morning.

Castor Oil

It is greasy thick oil as has great skincare properties in it. You can add this to your dry skin during winters. It works well as lotion. People who suffered from bald patches on their head, they can apply this oil on the scalp. It helps in the re-growth of hair. So you can just apply a small amount of castor oil to your pits at night and wash it the next morning. The antibacterial properties of castor oil will remove the odor from the pits, making them fresh and healthy.