Jewelry trends that are having a major moment right now

Much like any other fashion article, jewelry pieces continue to evolve seasonally as well as yearly. After every couple of months, we all get to discover a new wave of jewelry trends that manage to grab the fashion crowds’ attention in no time. Our feeds get flooded with jewelry trends that are of the moment, and this happens every single time. 2021 is no different, as we are set to enter the New Year; the excitement of discovering what’s to come next is far too real.

While every person has a different taste and preference when it comes to jewelry, the key jewelry trends are the fail-safe choices when it comes to making your jewelry look modern and current. Several jewelry pieces are getting a much-needed makeover this year, from hints of pearls and colored stones to oversized chains and dainty links, jewelry in its updated form is all set to reign 2021. No matter if you are into maximalist jewelry pieces or minimal jewelry pieces, there’s a jewelry trend for everyone.

We have put together a list of some jewelry trends fashion girls are obsessing over right now.

The malachite stone

If you are into stones and at the same time want to add a pop of color to your look in the form of jewelry, then you should definitely consider investing in jewelry pieces with the malachite stone. The malachite stone is gaining heat at the moment, its popularity is only expected to increase in the coming months. Apart from looking incredibly stunning and captivating, the malachite stone is considered a protection stone that helps to soak up all the negative energy and pollutants, keeping the body protected. You can spot malachite stone in almost every form of jewelry.

Dainty links

Some jewelry pieces are more of a staple than a trendy piece, and link jewelry will always remain a staple. But if we speak of today, dainty and delicate links are highly trending at the moment. You can easily layer delicate links with other jewelry pieces to tone down the look. This jewelry trend is especially an excellent choice for people who are into minimalist jewelry.

Chunky silver rings

Gone are the days when thin stacking rings used to be a thing, chunkier rings are the latest talk of the town. While we definitely enjoyed wearing silver thin stacking rings, they have started to feel a bit outdated now, and we most definitely are up for a change. The best thing about these chunky silver rings is they can be sported every day, and they have this appeal that can work favorably for almost every kind of look. You no longer have to stack your super-thin silver rings, a single chunky silver ring is pretty statement-making in itself.

Hints of pearls

Pearl jewelry will always be a staple, it has been introduced in a myriad of forms, and the fashion crowd certainly enjoys sporting such jewelry pieces with their outfits. Unlike previous years, pearl jewelry this year is more on the minimal and simpler side. When it comes to investing in pearl jewelry, you should try settling for a piece that doesn’t look too imposing, but at the same time, it should look a key part of your outfit. Moreover, Pearl jewelry lends a sense of sophistication and delicacy to the look.

Herringbone gold necklaces

If you are looking to update your simple gold chain, then you should look no further than herringbone gold necklaces that are having a major moment right now. Whether worn alone or layered with other necklaces, a herringbone gold necklace is one of the easiest and chicest ways to make at-home leisure look appear more elevated and dressed up with hints of sophistication.