Korean Secrets For Long And Healthy Tresses

Korean beauty rituals are known worldwide simply because of how efficient there rituals are. Korean women have beautiful, shiny, frizz-free, and long mane and the secret to that is here with us.
Since our skincare regime is filled with numerous Korean steps and products, it’s time to incorporate their magical wonders into our haircare routine. Hair is our identity and we should do every bit to maintain a healthy and strong crown. So, if you want your hair to be just like your hair goals, follow these simple and effective Korean tips and you will surely get your dream hair.
If you want to know the secrets keep on reading!

Exfoliate The Scalp

In Korea, haircare simply starts with a scalp treatment. Women, there are aware of the fact that for healthy and long hair it’s important to have a healthy and strong scalp. Scalp exfoliation is an integral part of the country just like face exfoliation. Exfoliation ensures blood circulation in your scalp and helps in getting rid of all the dirt and excess oil present on the scalp.
For scalp exfoliation, use a scalp scaler. Apply it twice a week onto your scalp. The scalp scaler can be used before you shampoo your hair.

What is a scalp scaler?
For the ones who don’t know what a scalp scaler is, it is a gentle exfoliator meant for removing all the dirt, excessive oil off your scalp.

Rice Water Rinse

Rice water is widely used in Korea in the field of self-care. You must have seen many skincare products infused with rice water. The magical water is also a boon for your tresses. All you have to do is
• Soak about half a cup of rice in water.
• Keep it in water for about 3 hours.
• Strain the water and refrigerate it.
• When you’ll wash use this water.
Once you have shampooed your hair use this water all over the scalp and massage it properly and after that rinse your hair with cold water. This will ensure you have a manageable and healthy crown.

Apply Hair Pack Once A Week

In Korea, a hair mask is called a hair pack and they religiously follow the hair pack step in their hair care routine. Hair masking is a step that is infused with many hair benefits, shiny locks, manageable, soft hair ends, and long hair to name a few.
After cleansing your hair apply a hair pack or mask whatever you would like to refer to this step. Keep it as per the instructed time and you will see an instant difference. There are various Korean hair packs available you can choose as per your hair concern and hair type.

Hair Essence

Koreans prefer using hair essence and that’s the reason you might see a plethora of Korean hair essences. So, what does a hair essence do?
Hair essence moisturizes your hair, hydrates the rough ends, and treats the damaged hair locks. With regular use, you can see smooth, soft, and hydrated hair strands. Even hair essence improves the quality and texture of your hair.
Once, you wash your hair and is about 80% dry apply hair essence to the hair ends avoiding the scalp.

Take Care Of Your Hair


Korean women take proper care of their tresses just like they take care of their skin. So, you should also take care of your tresses.
• Trim the tresses regularly to get rid of nasty split ends.
• Use healthy ingredients for your hair and say no to harmful chemicals such as SLS and parabens.
• Regularly oil your hair.