Lip liner tips and tricks every girl should know

The world of beauty is so vast that some of us aren’t even aware of half of the products that exist in this world. Some products get more attention than they deserve, the other few go unnoticed despite being amazing, and some remain in the game pretty much every time. Every makeup product is formulated to serve different purposes, and most makeup products are pretty versatile and can multi-task, which is one of the greatest attributes about them. When it comes to naming products that are essential to have in every girl’s makeup kit, the list mostly includes foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick, blush, and highlighter. While these products are definitely an important part of a makeup kit, there are so many other products that deserve your attention and need to become a part of your kit. One such product we would like you to know about is a lip liner, which is a well-known product, but unfortunately, its ability often goes unnoticed. Lip liners are one of the most underrated beauty products in the market, perhaps, people don’t realize it, but a lip liner plays an extremely crucial role in your makeup routine. Whether you want to get that perfect pout or want your lipstick to last longer, a lip liner can come in super handy on several occasions, therefore, you need to have it in your kit. To make you appreciate lip liners more, we have put together a list of 4 genius lip liner hacks that every girl should know.

Use a nude lip liner to make your lipstick look more natural

Lip liners come in every possible shade; you can also find it in a shade that is identical to your natural lip color. While most people use the lip liner in the same shade as their lipstick, which does make sense, you can also use a nude lip liner, and the results can be even better with a nude lip liner. You can apply a nude lip liner across your lips before wearing your lipstick. This trick will not only make your lips look more even-toned and clearer but will also make the lipstick shade look more natural.

Apply lip liner all over your lips instead of just outlining them

From what we have seen and been told, outlining your lips with a lip liner is the most typical way to use this product. We are here to tell you that instead of just outlining your lips, you can use your lip liner to fill your entire lips. By doing so, you will be helping your lips to appear even-toned, and it will also help to match the shade of your lower and upper lips. Additionally, lip liners act as an amazing lipstick primer, by wearing it underneath your lips, you will also be able to keep your lipstick from bleeding.

Make an ‘x’ on your cupid’s bow


When it comes to applying a lip liner, there’s a right way to do it in order to achieve that perfect pout. It’s important to define your cupid’s bow if you want to get that perfect pout, and the only way to do so is by making an ‘x’ on your cupid’s bow. Once you have made this mark on your cupid’s bow, you can use it as a base to line the rest of your lips.

Use a sharpened lip liner

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to lip liner is you should always sharpen it each time before using it. The finer the tip of the liner is, the better and neater precision and outline you will get. This will also make sure that your lipstick doesn’t bleed.