Mandatory Skin care essentials for the winter season

As much as we love the winter season, we also dislike it for the dryness and itchiness it brings to our skin. Each one if combats with this problem during winters and if you do not follow the right regime, it will wreck your skin a lot. So, for the most supple skin, we have recommended some effective skincare essentials that will add moisture to your skin and nourish it fully

Exfoliating the lips

While taking care of your skin, you must pay due attention to other parts of your skin as well. They might be underestimated but require your utmost attention because of some obvious reasons. When this winter season kicks in, you experience dryness all over your body. And this is not just about the face, it is about your arms, legs, neck and even your lips. Dry lips lead to chapped looking lips and they are truly a big turn off. Moreover, if you do not pay attention to this dryness, it would make you feel uncomfortable and will trouble you more than you think it can. In such a case, the most important thing to do is exfoliate the lips with a scrub. It can be bought from any brand you like or it can be made at home using any DIY idea. Make sure you use a lip scrub every night before sleeping so that it works it char overnight. Wake up with soft and plumpy lips every day.

Lower the temperature of your shower

This is definitely skincare essential for winters and if you do not think of it as a prominent point, then you are highly mistaken. The thing is that during winters, we believe in using hot water for everything- for drinking, for bathing as well as washing our face and hands. But the truth is that exposing your skin to too much hot water can actually hamper your skin and thus boost the dryness even more. Hot showers feel great and no one likes to step out of them. But little does everyone know that they can dry out your skin extremely. And once this happens on a daily, it becomes difficult to revitalize the skin to its original form. Hot water strips your skin off all the natural oils and thus adds to the dullness. To avoid this, make sure you turn down the temperature of your shower and use lukewarm water instead.

Layering different skincare products

If you think that you will buy just one product and use it to protect your skin for the entire season, then this is a myth. The thing about winter skincare routine is that you need to use multiple products because each one of them has their own magic to cast. For instance, here we are referring to products like a water-based moisturizer, a hydrating serum, and a night cream. All these are super important for the aptest skincare in winters. You need to pick a hydrating serum for yourself and apply it under your moisturizer after cleansing the face thoroughly. Then use an under eye cream or night cream for ultra benefits. This routine is definitely going to change the way your skin looks and you will be surprised.

Use a revitalizing Night mask

After you are done for the day, you should always use a night cream for your skin. Your skin is at its best when it is not exposed to any creams or makeup. Therefore, when you remove makeup off your face at night, cleanse it properly and follow the night regime. For some days, you should also try adding this night mask to your routine because it is going to nourish your skin with all the possible hydration, moisture as well as nourishment. Our skin craves this every time it feels itchy or dull, so you should try using a night mask at least twice or thrice a week. Use this hydrating night cream or mask over your face, neck, and even your chest, if required. It will take away the itchy and chapped skin during the winter months and give your complexion a super moisture surge.

Do not let go of a hand & foot cream

While stacking up significant skincare products for your vanity during the winter season, do not forget a hand & foot cream. Your hands are the most exposed part of your body in winters after the face. So, they also require a lot of care and attention. Using a hand as well as a foot cream will not only make them soft and supple but also prevent dryness. This is one of the easiest ways to combat dryness and also make sure that your hands and feet feel warm and soft at all times. This is not actually a skincare essential but it is literally more than that. It is a way of life and thus, you must develop this habit right away, if not already!