Mistakes you’re (probably) making while applying your concealer

Concealers are one of the most important beauty products in our makeup arsenal. Sometimes we also wonder had concealers not been here what we would probably have done without them. But thankfully, someone came up with this wondrous product which can work like magic for your face and correct all your skin problem and imperfections in a go. Whether it’s a stubborn pimple that is coming in your way from looking flawless or it’s your under-eye dark circle that’s screaming about your unhealthy lifestyle and probably lack of sleep that you haven’t got from many years, your concealer has got you covered either way. However, you have to be very careful with concealer as there are so many mistakes associated with this product which can work oppositely for your face, starting right from choosing the wrong shade to applying it the wrong way. And to help you figure out if you have been making any of these concealer mistakes, we decided to come up with this article.
Listed below are 4 common mistakes that the majority of girls make with their concealer and how you could correct them.

Not keeping the area moisturized

First things first, in order to make sure that the product blends nicely onto your skin, it’s extremely important to keep the area well moisturized and hydrated. Your concealer works the similar way, to make sure that it doesn’t turn patchy after some time and stays put for a little longer, make sure to keep the area under your eyes well hydrated and moisturized. The area around your eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive and it’s important to keep it moist all the time. Applying an under eye cream will help to keep the area under your eyes moisturized and make it easy for concealer to blend nicely onto your skin.

Using the same shade all over your face

The biggest sin you could ever commit with your concealer is using the same shade all over your face. The color of your skin varies on your face. Your under eyes are a little darker than the rest of your face and so are the other imperfections such as blemishes. This is why you shouldn’t be using the same concealer all over your face. You should always have two concealers in your vanity; one is to conceal all the problematic areas such as dark circles, blemishes, pimple or acne and the other one is used to brighten up; in particular, highlight a certain part of your face. The former concealer should be closest to your natural skin tone while the latter one should be one shade lighter to highlight your face.

Applying the foundation over your concealer

This is the silliest mistake any girl could ever make with her concealer. By applying the foundation over your concealer, you would be defeating the whole purpose of using this product. The concealer is applied after the foundation is done and this shouldn’t be done the other way round. By applying foundation on the top of concealer you would be completely taking off the product which is quite a foolish thing to do. So next time, be careful and know what you’re doing.

Forgetting to set the concealer

The last thing you would want to do is leaving your concealer as it is. Not setting the concealed areas of your face is a big no-no. By doing so you would only be increasing the chances of your concealer getting creased, patchy and made up. Always use a setting powder to set the area. This will help to give your face a very flawless and natural-looking finish and will also prevent creasing which otherwise would have been a disaster. Setting powder also ensures that your concealer doesn’t budge and stays put for a longer time.