Fashion Guide

Must-have elements to style in indie aesthetic

Indie style has gained a lot of fame and is now divided into two different types of style, one that is famous due to social media and the other alt-rock indie style. One is used to express oneself with the help of funky accessories and colors, the other expresses with the help of 70s rock fashion. Although these two are different they have a lot of things in common and you can style yourself up in this stunning yet quirky style very easily. Look for the different things in this style and see what suits you the most.
The list below tells you some of the clothes and accessories you can use to dress up in an indie aesthetic.

1: Band T-shirts

Band T-shirts are one of the important things when it comes to indie style. If you want to style yourself in the indie aesthetic then you need to get yourself some vintage or some modern band t-shirts that you can then style with some skirts, shorts, or jeans. They are comfortable to wear and they provide a rock element and an edge to the whole outfit making it stylish. You can pair it with any jeans such as high-waisted, flares, cinch it on the waist, layer it with a jacket or coat.

2: High waisted flared jeans

Indie aesthetic was quite famous in the 70s and the 80s and thus the popularity of the high-waisted flared jeans. Not only the flared jeans but also the wide length once, all the jeans that add drama to the outfit and make the outfit look funky and fashionable. These jeans make you look taller. They elongate your figure giving an illusion of you being taller than you are. Style these with band tees, button-ups, tie shirts, combat boots, or converse shoes and you are ready to go.

3: Flannel

Flannel is quite popular in this aesthetic. Flannel fabric or print is used to make some amazing clothes in the style. you can wear a flannel shirt, pants, suit, skirt, dress in this style. This print is super cute and looks good. This is a classic and timeless style and you can style it up of any casual outfit. You can style this fabric by layering it with some leather jacket or pairing it with some wide jeans and combat boots.

4: Beanies

To get that edgy look and to make the outfit look stunning and fashionable you can add a beanie to the look. They not only make your look great but are also a great way to keep the head warm and to protect the hair. They look great with all the clothes in this aesthetic say it be a flannel, band tee, leather jacket, flared jeans, and other clothes. This also covers your hair when they are not washed and helps you style them effortlessly. You can get some colors that would go with every outfit such as brown, black, grey, white.

5: Layered necklaces

It is necessary to accessorize any outfit and make it beautiful and complete. Without any accessories, the outfit looks incomplete. So to make your indie outfit complete you need to get some layered necklaces that you can wear over the t-shirts or with the jackets. Here in this style people style, some layered necklaces over the t-shirts, and these necklaces are usually silver or golden. If you are styling for an indie kid aesthetic then you can use some bright and neon color necklaces and beads to style up for the occasion.

This is a funky aesthetic where you express yourself and things you like easily. You can create any casual or dressy look with this beautiful aesthetic. The list mentioned to you above consists of some of the items that you can add to your wardrobe when you are trying to style yourself up in an indie style. Look for what looks great on you and what makes you feel confident and beautiful and at the same time comfortable. Look for other aesthetics and styles and try them as well. You need not stick to just one style, try as many as you feel like or create your style.