Nail Art Trends to Style Your Nails in Summer

Nail styles are endless and it all depends on how creative you get when styling the nails. They can represent the season and the event you are going to or they can represent what you are feeling or your style and aesthetic. There are an endless amount of designs when it comes to nail art, along with new trends emerging now and then. You can look for the latest trends going on and get some inspiration from them. You can get inspiration from the changing seasons, festivals, nature, things around you, new styles and aesthetics and so much more. These trends are something that gets famous among people and is appropriate for the season. Here, you are looking at the nail trends for the summer season.

Try these Trendy Nail Art Ideas

1. Hot bright colors

Nail Polish

Summer for some means being vibrant and joyful. You can add this vibrance to your nails by painting them with some hot bright colors such as hot pink, bright orange, yellow, red, or some other warm colors. These make your nails stand out and make them beautiful. You can use several colors together to make your nails super vibrant and pretty.

2. Pastels and neutral colors

This is the complete opposite of the one above. Here summer is all about being at peace and soothing aesthetic. You can use some sweet and simple pastel shades and just paint them on your nails or can make some designs with different pastel shades. Another look that is trendy right now has to be the nude shade which makes it look like your natural nails as if there is no product on the nails. Look for some chic pastel nail designs and decorate your nails.

3. Smiley faces on the nails

Creating emojis and other small things to represent something is a new trend of today’s time. One of the things that you can get on your nails is a simple smiley face. You can get one smiley face on your nail or can get multiple smileys with different colors. This design is super cute and looks good on all kinds of nails, short or long. You can also add some other emojis or cute items on your nails. They are popular for the season.

4. Vibrant swirls

When you are decorating your nails, it does not means only painting them but also making stunning designs on them. You can keep the base of your nails some neutral color and make some swirls with vibrant colors to make the nails ready for the season. These swirls are vibrant and refreshing, ideal for the season. These bold and bright swirls provide the right summer vibes and make the nails look stunning. You can use any kind of colors to make these swirls and can even add some glitter and shine to them.

5. Flowers on the nails

How can you celebrate summer without some flowers? There are so many cute floral designs that you can use to make the nails look pretty. Floral designs are trendy right now and you can either decorate your nails with one flower or can cover your nails with these cute little flowers that are all up to you. These flowers look chic, cute, and feminine all at the same time. You can use vibrant colors and even pastel colors when decorating your nails in this design. This is the design that is getting a lot of attention and popularity. You should try this design too.
It has to be vibrant and colorful in summer and thus your nails too should be in all different beautiful colors.


There are so many ideas that you can look for when you are thinking of getting your nails done. You can get some simple chic french manicure or can go all extra and get some embellishments on your nails and make them all glittery and shiny. There is no such thing as the right kind of nail art. Look for these trends and see which one goes well with your style and aesthetic and then get those on your nails. You can also be innovative and creative and get something different and unique. Style your nails and create a beautiful art on them.