Nail the art of layering this winter season

Winter season brings along a gush of cold wind and snowfall along with it. It is that time of the year when you are all packed in clothing and in fact, layers of clothing. You just wear anything and everything that comes your way without thinking much of what goes with what. This is natural and imperative too. But what if we told you that we could actually pull off layers in such a way that they look stylish and cast a style statement? This is a possibility if you learn the art of layering your winter clothing. Because if you have to do it, you should do it in style! Pick the most flattering winter staples from your wardrobe and style them with these tips and tricks. Curate the fanciest outfit!

A textured Blazer over a sweater

Well, this could be the most basic thing to do and almost all of you might be doing it- layering a blazer over a sweater. But what you don’t do is layer the right kind of blazer. The thing about coats and blazers is that all of them look pretty but not all of them can be layered with everything. This means that if you are layering, there should be some visibility of all the layers. So, if you pick sleek blazers that are body fitted, the layer beneath it won’t be visible. So, you need to pick a blazer bigger than your actual size and that too, a textured one. The reason why we have picked a textured blazer is that it has warmth as well as style to it. This textured blazer in plaid, wool or cashmere can turn out to be a winter staple for you.

A trench coat with a skirt

As fancy as it sounds, it looks even prettier. There are so many ways to style a trench coat and this one is our favorite from the lot. The thing about a trench coat is that it has a lot of elegance and if you are trying to style it, it will look effortlessly sexy always. So, pairing a trench coat with a skirt is definitely a big yes because it will look charming and add to your style statement at the same time. A plaid skirt is a good option to be paired with a solid-colored trench coat. Make sure you wear a sleek sweater with this skirt to accentuate your curves. And then throw this long overcoat on top along with long boots to create the perfect silhouette for a winter morning.

Layering jackets

Layering jackets is definitely a thing! This trick and style has been working since ever and has never failed to impress anyone. The best thing about this layering trick is that it can turn out to be your perfect winter staple and can protect you from the cold. It can also make you look stylish and sexy parallelly. This is definitely worth trying because all of us have multiple jackets in our wardrobe so we don’t even have to go shopping. Simply pick your best things and pair them together- jacket on a jacket. This can be a polyester jacket, velvet jacket, leather jacket- simply anything! A neutral jacket over another dark-colored jacket is a great way to layer them together.

Layering stripes together

Another way to grab attention on the street is to layer different kinds of stripes together. Now, this can be a bit tricky but it is totally worth the try. You can pick multiple stripes together and then mix and match them together to create the perfect look. Pick horizontal and vertical stripes in different colors and then layer them. This is a very convenient way to style a casual outfit to make it look extravagant. Simply show off these stripes by picking a long striped cardigan over a striped sweater. You can even go for a striped scarf if you want. Add black leggings with this longline cardigan and don’t forgo your winter boots.

Necklace over a sweater

Why should we pick apparel alone when we have so much more to layer? Accessories are your wardrobe staple but they lose their existence as soon as winter kicks in. With mock necks and turtlenecks, how is one even supposed to wear these stylish necklaces? Well, we have a trick for that too. All you have to do is wear a fine turtleneck sweater or a high neck sweater and wear that blingy or bulky necklace on top of it. This was considered a fashion faux pas in the bygone days but today, it has become something unavoidable. It is one of the most loved styles for every woman and she flaunts it at her casual lunches as well as formal meetings.