Fashion Guide

Not so basic college outfit ideas for freshman

College is a unique and exciting time of life when you get out of your home and start living by yourself. The new life in dorms, the parties, assignments, projects, exams and so much more to do brings joy and new experiences to your life. New campus life is exciting and at the same time a bit terrifying. There is confusion, chaos and so much happening everywhere in the college. One of the ways you can create a new style and way for yourself is through your clothes. The freshman has this stereotype of dressing up a certain way that makes them apart from the crowd. Reinventing your wardrobe and aesthetic makes you look great and also helps you in gaining confidence.
1: Band t-shirts and wide pants

If you want to dress dressy casually, then you can go with this look. Get yourself a good band t-shirt, it can be any band that you like or if you like the print on the tee and pair it with your favorite pair of wide pants. Tees and wide pants look great together. They are a great outfit idea for your early morning lectures where you want to feel comfortable and good. You can add bright colors by selecting tees or pants in those colors.
2: Athleisure

There are a lot of people that wear casual clothes such as leggings and simple tees around campus. This is to feel comfortable when going around and studying. You can add a style to that and make yourself a bit dressy yet comfortable. You can add better quality athleisure to your wardrobe and can also go for the matching sets of tops and leggings or sweatshirts and sweatpants and so on. This can make you look well kept and tidy.
3: Sweater dresses

Add some sweater dresses to your closet to look chic and vogue on your college campus. You can wear these dresses to your classes and can also wear them when hanging out with people or going to campus parties or any other casual meet-up. These dresses are cute and can be styled easily. If you are going for your lectures then you can pair this dress with your shoes or flats and go for the day and if you are going for a party or a meeting up then you can dress it up a bit by adding heels or boots to the look.
4: Trousers and pants

Trousers are trendy and stylish right now but at the same time, they are a classic piece that would never go out of style. You can wear them with a top or shirt for your class and can also style them for your formal events. You need to have formal trousers for your formal events and interviews to make a good first impression on your employees. Add shirts and blazers to your collection too.
5: Statement accessories

Let’s be a bit more fashionable. If you are wearing a simple and chic outfit, you can dress it up with the help of statement accessories. Your simple monochromatic jeans and top can change into a dressy outfit with the help of an accessory such as purses, earrings, heels, belts, scarf and so many more. You need to add these statement accessories so that you can wear simple and casual clothes and add accessories and create dressy outfits. Accessories help in elevating the attire.

Usually, classes commence early in the morning and you need to get ready and be there for your lectures. Thus you do not need to have enough time to style up like you usually do but there are some things that you can add to your daily styling routine when getting ready for your classes. You need to have a good amount of clothes for various occasions such as formal events, parties, casual clothes for daily classes, interviews, and so on. Get to know your style and things that elevate your features and silhouette and add them. Make sure you are comfortable with whatever you are wearing. Get cute yet cozy comfy footwear as you would require to walk a lot. Have a great college life.