Clothing Outfits Ideas

Outfits that are great for pear body shape

When it comes to dressing properly according to your body type, it is not quite an easy task. Also, the pear body is definitely not the easy one. Basically, a pear body shape requires not more definition, if compared to the other body type. Hence, at first, you need to understand your body type then you need to check out the outfits that you must wear if you have a pear body type.


Understanding your body type

In the pear body type, you just need to know that your hips are wider than your shoulders. The pear body shape is heavier on the bottom, which makes it pretty unbalancing for dressing up. The basic point that you must follow is that you should take the attention away from the wider hips and draw it to the upper body by wearing a certain type of clothes. The key here is to create the illusion of a heavier upper body and making sure that hips don’t look heavy.

You must focus on the shoulders just to create a wider illusion and also, you can make sure to wear the brighter colors on the upper body. Moreover, you can go for the eye-catching prints for the upper body parts as it will distract the people to look away from your lower body parts. Hence, these are some of the ideas of the outfits to wear if you have the pear body shape.


Tops and upper wear

If we talk about the tops and upper wear, and especially here about the necklines, the necklines you should prefer are wider ones. Or even you can go for the Sabrina and square necklines as well. You should not go for the narrow and long necklines as they will give the illusion of a slimmer upper body, and that’s the opposite of what we actually want. Talking about the sleeve style for the pear body shape, it can vary from person to person to person. In general, you can go for anything but make sure that it is creating the illusion of wider shoulders.



We should look for dresses that are basically emphasizing the waistline while it must be concealing the lower body at the same time. The dresses that have the wider bottom will certainly look good on the pear-shaped body because it balances out the hips size. If you want to go for the dresses then you must go for the A-line or the X-line shaped dresses, as it balances the upper body out and hence making it the perfect one for every other pear-shaped woman.


Jeans and Pants

If we talk about jeans, pants, or trousers, the lower wear for the pear-shaped body is basically the one that de-emphasizes the size of the hips. The actual and the most general ones are basically the flat-fronted, bootleg, plated, and ankle length. You need to avoid the embellishments on the lower wear as it will attract people to look at your lower, and we don’t want to emphasize the lower body at all. Talking about the perfect jeans for the pear-shaped body is mid to high rise ones. And also, you must avoid skinny ones.


Jackets and outerwear

If we think about the jackets, they should add volume to the bust as well as shoulders. All you can do is avoid the hip area to cover or you can skim over it. You can certainly go for the cropped jackets if you are really into wearing the jackets. The cropped jackets would add structure and volume to the shoulders and busts. And will show your slim waist. Also, if you are going for the long jacket it will elongate the body and hence will make sure that your body is long and slender. That definitely won’t work at all for the pear-shaped body.

Hence, these were some of the dressing ideas for females with pear-shaped bodies. These outfits would definitely look best on you as they all will give the illusion of thinner hips and wider shoulders and also a thin waistline. Thus, these were the Outfits that are great for pear body shape.