Put a full stop to these hair coloring mistakes! 

Whether it’s your outfit or your hair, everything that is colored can look really amazing and stylish. Experimenting with your hair is probably the biggest and most drastic step you can ever take for your looks. Your hair is something that can make a huge difference in the way you appear. If done the right way, your hair can earn you lots of compliments for your bold and stylish choice. One of the experimental things you can do to your hair is coloring it. While we understand that all the celebrities and influencers keep us all intrigued and fascinated with their stunning hair color choices but that doesn’t mean that the same color will look equally good on you. We have to be very careful with our choices especially when it comes to hair coloring as one wrong move and you will be regretting your decision. Why let this happen when you can easily avoid making these mistakes. From choosing the right color shade to applying it the right way, there is the right way of dealing with hair color. To make sure that you end up with the best color results then you mustn’t make some mistakes that we have listed below.

Not choosing the shade wisely

The first important thing to know before going for hair color is you gotta have to choose the shade very wisely. You can’t take this thing lightly as going with the wrong shade can easily make your hair look OTT and artificial and that’s not what we are trying to achieve. Therefore, you have got to make your choice very wisely. Always consult your hairstylist before taking the plunge as they know better and will guide you in a better way. Whether you are getting your hair colored by a professional or at your home, just pick a shade that will suit your personality as coloring is supposed to enhance the look of your hair and not the other way around.

Applying the color to your scalp

Coloring your hair can be pretty convenient but you need to be really careful with its application. It’s your hair you need to color and not your scalp. Many women tend to do this mistake and end up applying color to their scalp which we may tell you is not really a good thing. Most hair colors are loaded with chemicals that can cause a problem to your scalp. Hence, always keep a distance of about an inch at the scalp while applying color to your hair.

Leaving the color on for hours

Leaving the color on your hair for a long time doesn’t mean that you will get better results. In fact, it is the silliest mistake one can ever do. Leaving color on your hair for more than 45 minutes can do more harm to your mane than good. If you plan on coloring your hair at home then always read the timing instructions present on the box. Exceeding the time limit will only make your tresses look overdone, flat and fried.

Not using color protectant hair products

After getting your hair colored every stylist suggests opting for some hair products that are supposed to be used on color-treated tresses. You should swap your regular shampoos and conditioner with color protectant products as they won’t only add shine to it but will also prevent it from further getting damaged. In addition to that, they will also make sure that your color looks fresh, vibrant and doesn’t fade away too soon.

Shampooing your hair just before coloring it

Yes, you heard it right! Shampooing your hair just before getting it colored is a strict no. You shouldn’t cleanse your hair as doing so, you will be getting rid of all the natural oils that would have protected your scalp during the coloring process. Washing it at least 12-24 hours prior to your coloring session is considered to be an ideal thing.