Quick and Effective ways to get rid of chin acne

As much as we hate those pesky pimples, they somehow always find a way to make a quick appearance on our faces. And if you ask us, they can be very frustrating and painful as well. In most cases, when the pimples appear, they start to heal in just a few days with or without any kind of treatment. But that’s not just it. There are many girls out there, in fact, the majority of girls who are struggling with cystic acne that keeps making appearances on our face especially around the chin area every now and then. They are not only very frustrating to look at but they can also be very painful and a little too hard to get rid of. Chin acne is usually associated with hormonal imbalance and they are a little difficult to treat with any over-the-counter treatments. But you don’t have to feel disappointed yet; we have found some quick and effective tips for you that can help you get rid of this stubborn chin acne in no freaking time. Keep reading to find about them.

Rub once over the area

Rubbing ice all over your face helps your skin in a lot of ways but that’s 4to be discussed some another time. Well, we all know chin acne is pretty painful and it can easily ruin the appearance of your face but when you have ice cubes to the rescue there’s nothing you should be worried about. Ice cubes will help to reduce the redness and inflammation of the pimple. However, you can’t put the ice directly on your face, wrap it under a piece of soft fabric and then apply it over the problematic areas, just make sure to not put a lot of pressure as it can further irritate the pimple.

Apply a topical cream

Applying topical creams might or might not help you with your chin acne, but they are worth giving a shot. Most of the dermatologists recommend applying a topical cream containing two most important medications; benzoyl peroxide and retinoid. The two of them are packed with anti-bacterial properties which help in cleaning and unclogging your pores and also minimize the production of excess oil which further reduces the pain and inflammation and heals your pimple very quickly.

Remove every bit of makeup

Even a tiny amount of your makeup products can result in those stubborn pimples. While makeup may be good at hiding all imperfection on your face but it can also work negatively for your face especially when you’re already dealing with acne problems. The last thing you want is to irritate them further and leftover makeup or even the tiny residues can make the situation worse. This is why always make sure to remove every inch of makeup from your face. First, use a makeup remover and then use a mild cleanser to get rid of all kinds of dirt, residues or any other impurities from your face.

Keep facial scrubs at bay

While a face scrub is an important part of the skincare routine which helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and to unclog the pores but when you’re dealing with active acne, you should steer clear of facial scrubs and strictly avoid using them as they can further worsen the situation.

Don’t pick or pop your pimple

This is something you’re probably hearing all the time. It gets really hard to resist the temptation of popping or picking your pimple but this is the last thing you should be doing. If you aren’t careful with them, they can flare up and can also spread to other parts of your face. And that’s not just it, you could also end up with nasty scars and blemishes that look hideous than those pimples. Just be patient and let your pimple heal on their own or you can always use any of the above-mentioned methods.