Say no to a permanent dye job and try these temporary hair color dyes instead

A permanent dye job comes with its own set of disadvantages; it causes more harm to your hair than doing good. While permanent hair dyes offer long-lasting results, the kind of damage associated with this technique is making us turn to an easier and damage-free alternative, which is coloring your hair using temporary hair color products. The biggest difference between these two methods is that temporary hair color products don’t use chemical developers to add tint to your hair. And unlike permanent hair colors, they don’t penetrate the hair shaft, and instead, coat your hair. Additionally, temporary hair color is pretty low-maintenance, and you can apply the color to your hair on your own. If you are even a little bit intrigued by this concept, then make sure to take a quick look at the article below and find out about all the temporary hair color products you can consider purchasing to quickly add color to your hair and make it look all new.

Hair chalks

Hair chalks are especially popular among festival fashionistas. They are one of the quickest ways to add color to your hair and make it look fun and quirky. Hair chalks come in different types; you can find them in the form of compacts, sticks, sprays, and liquids. Hair chalks are opaque in nature; they can show up on any base hair color. Depending on the product you used, hair chalks can keep up with you between three to ten hair washes.

Hair mascara

Hair mascaras are pretty much similar to your usual mascaras. It adds temporary color to your hair and is super easy to apply with the help of a spoolie brush. You can use this product to highlight small sections of your hair, and it will look like you have got your hair highlighted professionally. This product will also come in handy to conceal your roots if you don’t have time to visit a salon and get a root touch-up.

Colored hairspray

Colored hairsprays are a pretty convenient way to add tint to your hair, and it can last you between two to five hair washes. You can find these hairsprays in every expected shade. Besides color hairsprays, you can also get yourself a glitter-only spray, which can help you add confetti colors to your tresses. Additionally, you can use this product to conceal your grays, and it is pretty low-maintenance. People who want to color their hair temporarily will definitely love this product.

Semi-permanent hair dyes

Permanent hair dyes penetrate your hair shaft, but that’s not the case with semi-permanent hair dyes. This product is an excellent alternative to permanent hair dyes. Semi-permanent dyes can last you about ten to twelve washes, and that completely depends on your hair washing habits. If you want to go darker with your hair color, then this product will come in super handy as it does an excellent job of depositing darker shades. Additionally, semi-permanent hair dyes are the closest you will get to make this dye job look professional.

Vegetable hair dyes

Want to go the natural way with hair dyes? How about vegetable hair dyes? It is one of the most popular ways to add color to your locks, and the dye is prepared using herbal ingredients. Vegetable hair dyes can last you anywhere between 20-30 washes. You can customize it based on your preference or choice. No matter if you want to go lighter or darker, you can create any shade using herbal ingredients at your home only. This hair coloring technique is an excellent alternative for those who are allergic to chemicals that are found in permanent hair dyes.