Shoe Trend for Year 2020

Every woman has a specialty and all of them have different personalities. Not everyone feels comfortable in the same type of shoes; well to our advantage we have so many varieties of shoes, sneakers, loafers or mules, it becomes difficult sometimes, what to choose? Furthermore, there is not only the variety but, along with it is the height, I mean ‘heals’. We get a variety of heals with these different types of shoes to add up an inch or two to a person’s original height. Isn’t it awesome, we ladies are running the commerce! It’s our demands that have lead up to this change in society. We love fashion and want to remain comfortable with the changing time and trend.
The trends discussed here are based on the fashion runway of 2020. Watching the posts of every runaway happened in London and other places, we have organized a top 5 list of shoes for you.

The Loafers

Loafers were gone from the market the previous year. Everyone considered these to be simply boring. Well I love this style of shoes; it comes in so many varieties which makes it exceptional. These shoes change their look with the attire. If you are wearing something classy then they will support your attire as formal wear. Whereas, when you are out to eat or to shop with your family or friends these shoes support your casual look. Well, the new thing for loafers this season is the block heel. You need to add the classic black loafer with block heals to your collection this year. It is something must, you can chose different colors as well such as beige or white.

The Flat Forms

These are another comfortable pair of shoes. You can slide in these with your summer dresses during a picnic. If during vacation you are planning to visit beach then, these platforms will allow you to slide your feet under the sand or if you like to walk over the sandy surface than again, it won’t let your feet go deep into the sand. These heals feel as comfortable as flats because usually heals keep your feet in an unnatural state. Moreover, sometimes when we wear heels for long hours our feet start to pain. These heals won’t let you go through that pain. You can take this heal in the sandal form to add more style to the shoe collection.

Summer Boots

We generally associate boots with winters. The new thing this year is summer boots. The runaway was loaded with boots this year. We observe not even a single boot was of short length, all of the boots were till knee. If we imagine summer dresses and boots, the look doesn’t appear pleasing to the eye but this year when I saw the look on runaway it appeared so nice. Mainly there were multiple color shoes and some were solid colors such as green, red which appear flawless.


The Sandals were evolved from the rope. There are two or three ropes which are molded in a different form. In 2020 runaway the major gladiator-style was in flats and the colors were black, white and brown leather. The previous year’s collection of tie rope was something common this year as well. These tie rope wears look good with the short summer dress or while wearing shorts with a tub top. The rope wrapped around your leg looks like a classy accessory from toe to knee.

Shoe with chains

The title suggests what the style is. Jewelry is the love of every woman an when we hear jeweler with shoe it is just amazing. This style will add the sparkle to your feet. Well, sometimes it appears as you are wearing and anklet and sometimes just add a shine to your toes. This summer is the time to get these fancy bellies with chains. There are some sparkling pointy beads, a big stone placed at the toe tip and many other designs from which you can choose your look.