Skin-Care Mistakes That You Could Be Doing While Lockdown

Our skin is precious to us. It can have so many issues but in the end, if we take care of it, it glows and shinnies making us look pretty. However, it can sound strange to you that there are certain skin-care hacks that you should not be doing on your skin. It can make the problem go worse or do no effect at all. So what are these mistakes that you need to be avoiding while you are doing skincare at home or following skincare routine at home? So, let’s begin our discussion and don’t do these mistakes again.

Not Using Toner

So as we all know once we are done cleaning our face, our immediate step should be toner. However, there are tons of women who have not been doing this step. Instead, they are applying either moisturizer or their BB cream directly to their face. Well, it is time that we learn about skincare first and the most important step which is toner. A toner is supposed to hydrate your skin after you have towel dried it and removed all the oil along with the dust particles of your face. So you need to be using a toner and hydrate the face immediately after you have washed it. One other thing that you need to keep in mind is the use of non-alcoholic toner because alcohol-based toner doesn’t hydrate the skin; whereas, draws the hydration away from the skin.


Not applying sunscreen or applying an extremely low quantity of sunscreen is the next mistake done by loads of women. Even though we are aware of the fact that the sun rays can cause many skin issues except the aging factor, women tend to avoid using SPF on an everyday basis. You must use sunscreen especially when we are having summers as this is the time when the sun is bright and it caused extreme damage. Therefore, take care of yourself and use at least a tablespoon of sunscreen from your face to the neck, even when you are planning on sitting beside the window in the sun.

Not Following The Order

Most of us know, which items we need to use while we are doing skincare, but we do shuffle them here and there. This makes the skincare lesser effective and we might complain about the product is non-effective. So, what is the right pattern that we need to follow? Firstly if you are wearing any type of makeup on your face, you need to wipe it off. Even when you are wearing a normal moisturizer, you must clean it with a wet wipe or using a cleansing balm. Next, wash your face with a mild face wash, then exfoliate and apply the mask. Let it sit there until it’s dry and remove it. After the final wash, apply toner to the face, followed by serum and then the moisturizer and the sunscreen. If you are using face oil then this is the time to apply it. Why? Let’s discuss this in detail further.

Usage of Face Oil

The face oil is not having anything in them which will nourish or hydrate your face. Face oils are there to make a protective layer over your face. This layer is beneficial during the dry winter days when the air seems to draw all the oil from your skin leaving it dry. The oil acts as a barrier in this case making the layer of hydration behind remain untouched of the air and your skin remains soft as a baby. So you need to be using face oils during the cold winter days, and if you want, you can skip it for the summer days. However, people who have dry skin must use it during autumn and spring.
After this you can apply your make-up; however, you like.