Skincare essentials to include in your post-pandemic travel kit

Since travel restrictions have eased a bit across the country, people have started to plan for their vacation, no matter if it’s a small one or a pretty long one. It’s quite normal to crave a relaxing vacation after staying locked inside the house for months, and that boredom really hit all of us hard. The best way to rejuvenate yourself and boost your spirits is to go on a holiday, which is why travelers are already getting back on the road to do what they love the most. While you can choose to travel wherever you want, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the chances of you catching the virus are still very much the same, thereby, precautions and protective measures are a must to ensure your safety. Sanitizer, gloves and face masks have become an indispensable part of our travel kit, but they aren’t the only things that are supposed to be carried.
Ever since face masks have become a vital part of our lives, skin problems are also on the rise, and that’s where the need for skincare essentials comes. We have rounded up a list of a few skincare essentials that you should include in your post-pandemic travel kit.

Sanitizer infused with moisturizing ingredients

Since a sanitizer is one of the essentials things to carry with you all the time, which you will be required to use multiple times, especially when traveling, you can’t purchase just any regular sanitizer. Most sanitizers can leave your hands pretty dry, while not using a sanitizer is just out of option, you can consider looking for a sanitizer that is formulated with moisturizing ingredients. If not many, your sanitizer should contain at least one nourishing ingredient that will keep your hands from getting excessively dry

Hand cream

To counter the effects of hand sanitizers that leave your hands too dry, it’s important to include a hand cream in your travel kit. Sanitizing your hands multiple times a day might help you get rid of germs and bacteria, but it can also leave your hands pretty dry. Therefore, it’s important to carry a hand cream in your travel kit so that you can make up for the dryness by applying the cream to get soft and nourished hands.

Oil-free sunscreen

Sunscreen is an integral part of the skincare routine; you certainly can’t forget to carry this in your travel kit as it’s too important to be missed. Whether you are going on a road trip, beach, or any outdoor destination, you can’t miss out on slathering a generous amount of sunscreen over your exposed areas. Sunscreen acts as a protective shield, and it helps to protect your skin from the sun damage that usually shows up in the form of fine lines, dark spots, tan lines, etc. Also, invest in an oil-free sunscreen so that it doesn’t make your face appear greasy.

Soothing moisturizer

No travel kit is complete without a moisturizer; you should always keep your skin moisturized, no matter your skin type. Additionally wearing a face mask for a longer duration could easily result in rashes and clogged pores, this is where a soothing moisturizer comes into the picture. Using a soothing moisturizer regularly will not only help to soothe your irritated skin, but it will also keep your skin hydrated.

Lip balm

Lipsticks may have taken a back seat for now, but that doesn’t mean you should keep your lips deprived of moisture. Lip balms are the best alternative to your lipsticks. They do an excellent job of keeping your delicate lips nourished and hydrated. And since face masks can leave your lips pretty dry, including a lip balm in your kit would certainly prove to be a smart decision. You can either go for a transparent lip balm or colored lip balm to add a hint of color to your lips.