Skincare Products You Probably Don’t Need For Yourselves

Let’s talk about something different like none required skincare products. We have heard many make-up influencers narrating us the list of ingredients that are a must-have for skincare. But do we need them is the question that pokes our mind every time? The fact is these products aren’t cheap and when we see them using it and commending them to have shown miraculous results we do get attracted and save handsome dollars to invest in them. In the end, sometimes we get the result, and sometimes it just heartbreaking. So today we will be sharing with you the skincare items you don’t necessarily need in your vanity and the reasons why you don’t need them. So, let’s begin our list.

Micellar Water

You don’t need to have this make-up remover product. Some of the influencers do focus on using this if you are applying make-up regularly. To be honest, you don’t have to have this product in your life if you are cleansing your face nicely. Even when you have applied heavy make-up then the double cleansing Korean trick is the best way for you. Using the wipes with these doesn’t get the entire product off your face especially if you have used cream-based products. You need to drag the wipe with a force to clean the heavy mascara and eyeliner. Sometimes they don’t even pick the bronzer or highlighter well. However, investing in a good oil-based cleanser and a gentle cleanser can do the trick for you. The oil will melt the make-up and the gentle cleanser will remove the residue from the face.


Most of us have heard toner is crucial for maintaining the PH level of our skin. Certain good cleansers have this quality in them thus the toner is doing nothing special for you at that time. When you go buy a cleanser check-out its ingredients and invest in it. Most of us apply toner after applying it on a cotton pad therefore most of it is being already absorbed by the cotton and only a small amount is applied to our face. Spraying ones also don’t do much for your skin.

Face Oils

The recent development in the skincare industry is the face oils. The effects have been bragged about and we are just being fooled by it. We all have heard how face oils have an effective result and amazing for healthy nourished skin. But the same thing is begin done to our face with the help of moisturizers and serum. Why do we need the same ingredient in your list, to do what we are already doing to our skin? Therefore, you must not follow the hype of face oils and save your money.


This is again one of the Korean beauty hype products, which has grown its followers over the year. We were doing fine without essence before, if it is something really special then you must not use the alternative products which offer the same nourishment and hydration. Korean women use the essence by dapping some if it’s liquid on the face. But all it does is a moisturizer and offers hydration to the face. This is again being done by us with the help of moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen. All three have hydrating properties that make it an unworthy investment.

Pore Reducing Creams

The only thing that will help you get rid of your pores once and for all is laser treatment and nothing else than that. You can invest in Vitamin C serums and hydration cream but these will show no effect. Now, a question that must be arising is that when you apply these products they do cover your pores. Yes, if a cream contains silicon in it, this will make your skin appear smoother than before. This is temporary coverage as soon as you wear off the cream your pores will look similar as earlier.