Skincare tips: combination skin

Our skin needs the utmost care and nourishment. We tend to use products that are trending without knowing their effect on our skin. One cannot use anything and everything on their skin as there are different skin types and each skin type require different skincare. Some have dry skin while others have oily and some even have combination skin. The most difficult skin type to take care of is the latter one. It becomes confusing sometimes as to what might be right for the skin. It is difficult to choose the right products for your skin. A combination where the face gets oily as well as dry at the same time though on different areas can be a bit difficult to handle. If you have this skin type and are looking for ways to take care of it then this is the article for you.


Clean your face properly

Cleaning the face properly is the first step towards skin care. Clean your face twice a day effectively using a gentle face wash or cleanser to avoid aggregation of dead skin on the face. You can use good cleansing oil to get rid of the makeup you wore or the dirt and pollution that stuck on or in the pores. Remember to deep clean your oily areas and gently clean the dry areas so as to not dry them out more. You can acids such as alpha or beta hydroxy acids that are favorable to combo skin type. 


Never forget the moisturizer

Combo skin type produces a lot of oil on the T zone but still, you should moisturize your skin so that it stays hydrated. If you have a lot of oily zones then go for a light cream or you can even try the one that has salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is good for oily skin but checks if it suits your skin first before using it regularly. If you are unable to find a moisturizer that suits the user’s combo skin type, then you can even try to mix and match the products. For example, using a heavy moisturizer on your dry areas and using a light one on your oily zones. 


Hydrate your skin

This skin type can face skin that can be itchy and greasy both at the same time. It is important to hydrate the skin. Thermal water is the go-to, to solve the problem. It can calm down the itchiness or irritation and have a soothing effect on the skin. This improves the skin and keeps it protected. This is the hydration one can provide on the outside of the face. For the inside hydration, drink a lot of water and try to cut down the oily or sugary food items.


Apply the right makeup

Applying makeup to this skin type can be a tedious task as some products might not work well with oily or dry patches. Use the right makeup products such as use a light base such as a bb cream or some light foundation. You just have to look around for the right product for your skin and you are good to go. Apply makeup as you wish but remember to remove it before going to bed and doing a proper night care routine


Revamp the skin

Your skin faces pollution, dirt, the harsh sun rays all day long and can’t just repair itself on its own. You need to take good care of it and exfoliate, detoxify your skin after a long day. Exfoliating the skin removes dirt particles from the skin and detoxifying cream gives glowing skin in the morning. Sheet masks are a good skincare product that can help renew and hydrate the skin and even minimize some pores and give us hydrated, glowing, nourished, healthy skin.

Taking care of combination skin can be confusing, exhausting sometimes but it is all worth it when you see the results of your skincare. All you need to do is see what products are you using and what goes into those products to know if they are good for your skin or not. Look out for products that can cater to the needs of your skin type. With a simple skincare routine and a healthy diet, you can reach healthy, glowing skin. You can even try out some natural DIYs to take care of your skin. Go and create your skincare regimen to take care of your skin.