Fashion Guide

Statement Sleeves for your collection

Tops and blouses are a staple wardrobe outfit and cannot be skipped no matter what. So when you know you have to wear them all the time, then why not pick them in flattering designs? Sleeves have an essence embossed within them and must be picked in different styles to create new looks every time. You must make a valid choice and pick different blouses with unique sleeves designs. This will transform your look and you will be able to curate a fancy style quotient. Here we have listed some of the most flattering sleeves that are loved by all. Have a look and pick them for your closet the next time you go shopping!

Bell Sleeves

One of the most loved sleeves of all times is this bell sleeves. Bell sleeves, just like the name, are in the shape of a bell and are flowy in tailoring. They are fitted near the shoulders and arms and end up in a flare after the elbow. These sleeves are quite common and can be easily spotted on the streets and in the fashion line. Tops and blouses with bell sleeves look very pretty and eye-catching. They have the potential to create a unique look even if they have a common design. The best thing about these sleeves is that if you have a bulky upper body or a lot of body flab on the arms then these sleeves will help you hide that fat of yours. They are stylish and can create variation in any outfit.

Bishop Sleeves

As the name suggests, these look extremely royal and classy. If there is one type of sleeve that can turn your look from drab to fab, it would be bishop sleeves. These are very unique and stylish in their own way. If you are aware of balloon sleeves, then these are just an improvisation of them. The length of these sleeves is till the wrist. The tailoring is amazing as these sleeves remain fitted till the elbow and open up into cuffs till the wrist. At the wrist, they are tightly gripped again. So this way they look like a flowy balloon style that is ultra-sophisticated. Blouses with bishop sleeves can be paired with anything from denim to skirts to formal trousers. They have a unique appeal and attract the crowd every time.

Ruffled sleeves

Another classy one on the list! Ruffles sleeves are extremely gorgeous and look like a trendsetter every time. They add an elegant touch to the outfit and have the potential to turn heads around at any gathering. Ruffles are basically layers of clothing overlapping each other step by step. One layer of cloth overlaps the other and thus creates multiple layers that result in ruffles. These ruffles make the upper body look a bit voluminous so it is definitely a great pick for petite bodies. Those with bulky bodies should avoid going for this one as it will add to the volume. This is one of the most loved chic styles in sleeves and looks super-stylish everywhere,

Kimono sleeves

Kimonos are very impressive and casual when it comes to clothing. They have an effortless charm within that is very hard to resist. Kimono dresses and blouses have been famous ever since because of the unique tailoring. They are more like a wide sloping shape that falls loosely on both sides. It draws a lot of attention to the body and waistline specifically because such tops are fitted at the waist. This fit is responsible for the fall of kimono sleeves and looks wonderous. If you choose this one for your outing, you are sure to create one of the most flattering looks ever. You can pair it up with your fitted denim and also use your leggings for a great look.

Slit sleeves

Slit sleeves are a lot flattering than you think. They have a chic vibe that portrays your personality as casual and carefree. The thing is that this design has a slit right in the center of the sleeves that makes clear visibility of the skin. The entire arm is visible in the center portion and thus, it looks extremely stylish. The sleeves end up in a cuff and thus add precision to the overall look. You can pair this slit blouse with anything from your wardrobe. Pair it with your boyfriend jeans, skirts and even your shorts for the perfect beach attire. This will grab you the attention you need and will also make a great pick for formal outings as well.