Sterling Tips Every Oily Hair Girl Should Implement

As warmer season upon us, it would adversely affect our hair, making them greasy and weigh down. Isn’t that heartbreak when you see your freshly washed hair turn into an oil tank in no time flat. Our tresses play an important role in bringing out our appearance and greasiness is not a pleasant thing for both our hair and our appearance. Well, some are prone to oily scalp and some face it only in specific seasons. And following proper hair care is an absolute must.
What Causes Oily Hair?
Oily hair can be a result of mainly four reasons:
Excess oil production by sebaceous gland: every pore in our skin including scalp has a sebaceous gland that secretes an oily substance called sebum which is responsible for imparting shine to your hair. However when the sebum production increases it makes your scalp and hair oily.
Seasonal changes-
Balmy weather is not a very cordial season for our hair and skin. The rise in humidity levels affects our scalp making it produce more sebum than required and hence you can notice your hair becoming oilier in summer.
An oily scalp can also be a cyclical problem. Over-washing or vigorous rubbing of your hair while washing can make them overload with oil. Over-washing tends to strip the natural oil from your scalp, as a result, your scalp tenfold the oil production.

Miscellaneous Reasons-
Hereditary, hormonal imbalances, poor diet, odd lifestyle choices, excessive chemical exposure, improper hair care, and pollution are some of the other reasons that trigger oil production.
With all that one thing is clear we can’t control the oil production but we can surely minimize the oil production to a great extent. Here, are a few sterling tips that would surely help you in preventing oil in your hair. Keep Reading!

Avoid Hot Water

Make this your cardinal rule in hair care. Hot water can thrive in oil production at a faster pace. You’ll notice in a short span your hair and scalp will turn oily and droopy when washed in hot water. Rather use cold water when washing your hair. Coldwater will not only restrict oil production but will also prevent hair breakage to a considerable extent. Hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands while cold water locks them, refraining excessive sebum production. Therefore always make sure you wash your hair in cold water to make them oil-free for a longer period.

Do not overdo with styling products-

When you have a naturally oily scalp, using tons of styling products altogether can lead to excessive oil production. All you need to do is minimize the stock of styling products you use as no matter what in the end they all are chemically loaded which is not great for healthy hair. Bring down your styling product usage to a few and the right one that subside your oily hair problem not making it worse.

Conditioner The Right Way-

If you think conditioner makes your hair way too oily then maybe you need to alter the way you’re applying it. First of all, it’s okay to use the conditioner even on the oily hair as it provides a high dose of hydration and nourishment that shampoo can’t provide alone. The only key is to use it the correct way.
When working with conditioner the thumb rule is to avoid your scalp and work only on the ends. And cleanse it properly because sometimes not getting rid of shampoo and conditioner leads to the greasiness of hair.

Don’t Touch Your Hair-

Twirling your hair may not seem a big deal but it’s the oddest habit that can really affect the look and quality of our hair. Like our face our fingers to produce oil and running fingers through hair can transfer the oil onto our hair making the problem even worse.