Sterling Tips That Will Help You Reduce Hair-fall

Normally, we lose between 50 and 100 strands daily, so, if that’s your ratio you don’t need to worry. However, if you’re daily hair-fall surpasses the given ratio in a severe manner; it’s a matter of concern. Hair-fall is a simple sign that there is something wrong with the health of your hair. Falling follicles is a cause of worry but sometimes the reason for hair-fall could be practicing some wrong hair- care habits.
So, if you have tried everything from your kitchen shelves to the medical stores, but all turned out to be vain. Here, we have compiled a few sterling tips that will help in reducing the number to a great extent.

Do Not Over-Shampoo

Over-washing your hair can be the biggest reason for your hair-fall. As you wash your hair you are making your roots weak, and you must have noticed a few strands falling each time you wash your hair. So, just think if you’re overdoing the process, how much harm it can cause to your hair.
Always make sure, you wash your hair not more than twice a week and that too with a formulation that is mild and free from SLS.

Don’t Tie Your Hair Tightly

Tying your hair in tight ponytails or buns can pull your hair strands making them weak from the roots hence the hair strands fall-out. It’s the biggest mistake we do unknowingly how much worse it does to the health of our hair. So, try not to tie your hair tightly, or create tight hairstyles.
Always tie your hair in loose buns or braids and in that way you can see the number of your falling hair strands having a significant reduction.
Pro-Tip: Don’t tie your hair when wet; this also leads to hair-fall.

Less Heat

The biggest bane to your hair is the heat that comes out of the styling products. Not only the styling products weaken your roots but also damage the texture of your hair. So, if you really want other remedies to work you have to forgo the constant use of styling products. Limit the use of blow-dryers, straightening irons as much as you can.
Also, avoid using add-on products such as hair spray and hair gels as all these are just chemicals that ruin your hair.

Healthy Diet

The quality and texture of your hair also depend on what you’re feeding on inside. If your diet includes junk food how you can expect your hair to have a healthy life, obviously the strands will fall-out. A healthy diet is a key to a healthy crown. Hence, besides using high-end products also pay attention to what you’re eating. Make sure your diet is a complete diet full of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, Omega-3, and healthy supplements.
Another great tip would be to get a regular check-up of your vitamin content. Sometimes, fewer vitamins in the body can also lead to hair-fall.

Go Natural

If you experience hair-fall as a first counter try to use natural ingredients and DIYs. Chemical infused treatments can trigger the situation thus as the first step from your side should always be to use natural products so even if they don’t work, they won’t exaggerate the situation. Your kitchen shelves are blessed with so many powerful anti-fall ingredients. Try using an egg mask or fenugreek seeds- both these work out to be the best in controlling hair-fall.
Also, give some time to the treatment as nothing gives you overnight results. Be patient with whatever you are using.

So, these were a few tips that you should follow when suffering from hair-fall.